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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Parenthood has its own set of challenges, but when it comes to being a parent to a child with special needs has its own set of unique challenges. Though it is easier said than done that with a specially-abled child be supportive, keep no expectations and take each day as it comes. Each day has newer challenges and even unique ways to meet them.

No matter what type of disability your child has – moderate or severe – you want to make sure that she is receiving the best opportunities possible. Though they deserve customised learning techniques, many in our society understand that but seldom do such children get the much needed motivation.

They may feel like they aren’t being challenged enough, or they may feel as if they simply can’t achieve the goals that are set forth for them just because of their disability. This lack of motivation can have a huge impact on their education. It’s all up there, if it’s in their that they cannot do it, nothing else can push them towards it!

Here are some and fun and realistic strategies, you can create a special education timeline that will help your special needs child achieve and succeed in her educational endeavors:

Help Them Focus:

Get involved in their day-to-day education schedule. Instill them with newer aspirations each day and make them aware of the possibilities they have. Once you can gauge their interest,  help to chalk out a stronger plan in that direction with courses to study and places to enroll. When they see someone so interested in their life and career, they will feel all the more motivated.

Discuss Goals:

Communicate more and more with such children. They should know you expect them to fly higher, however, be careful as you don’t want to pressure them or make them feel obligated to do something. But, carefully make them understand that you are also connected and hope for bigger and better things for them to achieve the goals.

Be a Guide:

Stress is the last thing you want the child to suffer with. Be their coach, a friend and guide. Cheer them, scold them wherever necessary, like any other normal child. Let them know that they are doing a good job and you are there to hold their back, incase they fall.

Be her support system, as this can make an already unmotivated child even less motivated.

Give Rewards:

Rewarding means a lot in these foundation years of your special child. Carefully choose rewards that are beneficial. Don’t offer something superficial or out of bounds for achieving a goal and rather take something that will further benefit them. For example, if she achieves her goal of getting a specific grade on a history test, reward her with a trip to a museum so she can have a first-hand experience with the history she learnt.

Make Sure it’s Fun:

Monotonous and mundane ways of doing work can be highly demotivating.

Try to make tasks as fun, constructive and enjoyable as possible.

If the specially abled children around you is suffering from a lack of motivation, employing these techniques will help to ignite the fire in their desires to achieve and succeed and help them outshine their own image of themselves, as it all in the mind. Let’s help them move MIND OVER MATTER!

MBCN Launches e-Cart Facility to Support Efforts of Special Children

MBCN Launches e-Cart Facility to Support Efforts of Special Children

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Imparting education and teaching valuable skills that help somebody become financially independent is not just a great way to support an individual or a family, but also an undeniable way to contribute towards the upliftment of our society. Needless to say, education helps a person build confidence, learn new skills, gain experience and earn a decent living.
The vocational wing of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, Swayam is an initiative of the Ponty Chadha Foundation (PCF) that helps specially-abled children become self-dependent. On the 16th of this January, MBCN launched an e-commerce portal on its website (www.mbcnschool.org) through which people can buy beautiful handmade products crafted by these specially-abled children.
These eco-friendly products range from stationery items, paper bags and packaging boxes to baskets, wedding gifts and other household items. The students of MBCN school are trained by experts who help them create such beautiful merchandise. Many corporates and business houses have already procured gift items and packing material from these special children. The school acknowledges their efforts, and distributes proceeds from the sales among the children.
The vocational training program by PCF instils confidence in children with special needs – children who are suffering from speech impairment, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and various other mental and physical conditions. It teaches them that their determination and efforts are greater than any or all apprehensions they might have about their abilities.
To buy or browse through these elegant and attractive items handcrafted by our talented students, please visit: www.mbcnschool.org/shop

A Celebration of Patriotic Zeal at MBCN

A Celebration of Patriotic Zeal at MBCN

“Citizenship consists in the service of the country.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

Although India became a free nation on August 15, 1947, it declared itself a sovereign, democratic and republic state on January 26, 1950 with the adoption of our constitution.
When the Indian constitution took effect, it made the Republic of India the most populous democracy in the world.

The transition of India from a British colony to a sovereign, secular and democratic nation was indeed historic. A look into the journey that led to this transition will make our celebrations more meaningful. 68 years ago, the unfurling of the Indian national flag by Dr. Rajendra Prasad heralded the birth of the Indian Republic on January 26, 1950. Since then, we have celebrated this day with pride by inviting guests from all over the world to witness our country’s valour. This year, the guest of honour in our Republic Day Parade was the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The day was celebrated with festivities and patriotic fervour all around the country. Much like the Republic Day hoisting of our tricolour at Red Fort, the sight of celebrations at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan too were no less exciting. Students were soaked in the patriotic spirit and celebrated our 68th Republic Day with great joy and pride on 25th January, 2017.

The day began by unfurling the national flag and singing the national anthem in solemnity, followed by the students pledging to uphold the honour, integrity and diversity of India.

Special Performances

Showcasing their special talents, students from the H.I. (Hearing Impaired) wing performed a skit inspired by the journey of Indian freedom fighters and paid a special tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh for their salient contributions made for the country.

To conclude the ceremony, Dr. Vandana Sharma, Director & Principal, MBCN addressed the students and inspired them to always give their best, serve the country at all costs and be proud Indians. The students dispersed with the image of the fluttering tricolour etched in their minds.

World Cerebral Palsy Day Celebrations at MBCN

World Cerebral Palsy Day Celebrations at MBCN

Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) celebrated the World Cerebral Palsy Day with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. Life is a celebration to those who find happiness in fighting a battle every day against a grave condition bravely. Imbibing the same thought, the words of students echoed from MBCN, the charitable school for mentally and physically challenged – ‘I fight Cerebral Palsy, what’s your super power.’

Join the World Cerebral Palsy Campaign
On the occasion, we celebrate the abilities and confidence of the children with Cerebral Palsy. The idea that was propagated was to love, understand and accept these kids the way they are. Like every year, we had fun activities like- ‘Chitrakari Badi Nirali’, ‘Aaja Nachle’, ‘Chalo Zara Sambhaal Ke’ etc. lined up to bring out their potential in the open.

A Gift of Fun with Therapeutic Effects
These were no ordinary activities but games in the form of exercises that showed how these children came a long way while braving the odds. It was an interesting sight at the Occupational and Physiotherapy department at MBCN where a lot of buzz was going on. For example – The teachers asked each child to colour a picture of apple but it meant a lot more than adding to the fun element. Physical, occupational and recreational therapies were going hand-in-hand with the planned games involving a token of gratification.

Colouring to Modulate Senses
Every child was colouring an image while leaning over a therapy ball. It is not only doing well to their visual, vestibular and multi-sensory processing but also modulating senses related to muscle tone and endurance. The act is beneficial in getting the kids to maintain a rigid position or posture during activity and makes them attentive while helping them have a better grasp.

Dance for Endurance and an Auditory Sense
Those who were dancing to the tunes of music were not unaware that it supported their auditory and multi-sensory processing and improved their muscle tone. As the feet moved, children were no longer lethargic or moved stiffly and paid attention to every beat. They were responding positively to the loud noise that only encouraged them to perform better.

Can Do Spirit Leads the Way
We were observing the joys of Cerebral Palsy and the fighter instinct that exists in all those who overcome it every day. It was an interesting sight to see them wear an ‘I’ and walk through a maze created in the shape of ‘CAN’ leading the way. What was remarkable was visual processing mingled with the modulation of multiple senses.
It wired their brains to put the puzzle together when they easily made their way to the finishing point. Children who finished tasks efficiently in a limited time were declared the winners. What cheered them more was the large crowd present to laud their efforts and the motivational posters pasted all around the walls.
There were few more acts like fetching objects and tearing paper into bits, and passing successfully through the hula hoops. Simultaneously, these activities allow better visual sense, muscle coordination and help an individual self-propel when lying down.

ThankYouTeachers: Say MBCN Students

ThankYouTeachers: Say MBCN Students

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.

A teacher has always proved to be an anchor in our journey of life. As soon as we begin learning, we hold their hands and walk through the path of education. Learning is an enriching experience that allows us to keep going until we reach our destination leaving us wiser and feeling liberated.
It was time for Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) students to say #ThankYouTeachers to each one of those who have helped them move ahead in life. As the week began, they were gearing up for the Teacher’s Day celebration due on 5th of September. The pre-event activity saw a special gesture from the kids who went the eco-friendly way.

There were ‘Thank You’ messages written all over the notice board that paid a compliment to every special educator at MBCN. Children prepared special message cards and handmade paper bouquets for their teachers. Having received such love, how could their mentors not reciprocate? In return, they delivered a series of touching performances for these special kids.

They are and will always be unique

Unlike the usual, the special educators and rehabilitation therapists at MBCN had a different story to tell. They acted, danced and sang for their beloved pupils. The decorations were made, the stage was set and the rehearsals were in full swing when you had visited the place a day before.
Then came the day when the lamp was lit to begin the day by an inspiring figure, Mrs. Vandana Sharma, Director of MBCN. There was dance and silent skit performed by the teachers and students between the humming of songs. As the HOD of Junior Wing, Mrs. Rosy Kak welcomed the guests, students saw an entire range of performances lined up by their favourite teachers.

They are full of laughter and passion

In between, Mr. Rohit and Mrs. Anita kept the audience engaged through their anchoring. There was comedy full of laughs and romance full of passion when teachers danced all the way to our hearts. Mrs. Manju Chamoli’s performance was a special attraction as the students saw her dancing for the first time on a romantic number.
Inspired by life itself, and aimed at imparting lessons from everyday incidents, speech and hearing impaired students enacted a scene capturing the myriad milieu of general train compartments. Their expressions clearly matched the raw emotions of people who find themselves in situations that are difficult to evade.
There was a lot of talk about the MBCN teachers cum rehabilitators cum therapists; but have you ever wondered why they are different?

They are parents, educators and role models

Since 60-70 percent of MBCN educators are parents of specially-abled kids themselves, they have the empathy to play both roles equally well. Not just that, some of these Heads of Departments (HODs) aren’t just caregivers and tutors at the charitable school for differently-abled. They are extraordinary change-makers who are often invited as guest lecturers by noted government organisations like NIMH and NIHH. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, these educators performed hand-in-hand with their differently-abled students to regale the audience.

They unfold new chapters every day

These are actually life’s hidden lessons for kids to learn from. We thank our teachers for unfolding new chapters every day with their words, actions and colourful personalities.

Festivals at MBCN – Strengthening Bonds of Love and Togetherness

Festivals at MBCN – Strengthening Bonds of Love and Togetherness

Our country, India is a land of festivals that are woven around its roots, culture and relationships. As Indians, wherever we go, we forge relationships with people and hold celebrations together. It is said that families that pray and eat together, stay together. The same holds true for our friends at school, colleagues at workplace or neighbours in immediate surroundings.

Every relationship we make holds the essence of festivities. Each occasion that we come across, is a way to bring families together. Recent such occasions have been Rakshabandhan and Janmashtami.

Bound With the Rakshabandhan
Rakshabandhan cherishes the brother-sister relationship. Like everywhere across our nation, it is celebrated with great fervour at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), our charitable school for children with special needs. It is a loving shelter that goes beyond the blood relations.

Here, we make Rakhi brothers who are always ready to share joys and sorrows, dreams and disappointments, happiness and distress of their Rakhi sisters. We appreciate the bond of affection between people in the true sense to cherish the real spirit of universal brotherhood that we conform to.

Exchanging Gifts to Mark Sweetness in Relationships
This year again, the occasion came when young kids gathered to celebrate the feeling of togetherness on Rakshabandhan. Like every year, girls put vermilion on the forehead of their fellow brothers and tied Rakhi on their wrists. Thereafter, gifts, sweets and chocolates were exchanged to mark the sweetness of the relationship they share. A unique thing about this place is that all the brothers and sisters studying here are special in their own way. They learn, love and express themselves differently.

Playfulness of Janmashtami
After, Rakshabandhan, arrived Janmashtami when the special children again reached school in colourful Krishna-Radha outfits to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. They donned vibrant smiles as they imbibed and enacted their mythological roles complemented by their costumes. Altogether, they enthralled the special educators, rehabilitation therapists and support staff at MBCN while engaging them into fun through games, music and dance.

Krishna Arrives to Free and Lead Us
These kids remind us that these festivals form an integral part of our culture. They offer a refreshing change from the chaos of daily life and take us closer to God. By observing them, we move forward with a belief that the darkness around us starts receding when God appears. Our hearts and minds are shrouded in darkness afflicted by multiple miseries and anxieties. Thus, we look towards the almighty to appear within us and fill us with eternal hope in the darkest hour.