Physiotherapy Program for Physically Challenged Children


Physiotherapy 1 - MBCN

Our Regular physical therapy programme provides physically challenged children with opportunities to reach their optimal functional ability. Treatment may include activities and exercises for strengthening, stretching, range of motion, relaxation, endurance, head and trunk control, gait training, sensory integration and gross motor challenging. Working within an interdisciplinary team approach, our special educators regularly work with physiotherapists for daily activities that enhance the child”s physical therapy programme.

The school has all facilities available in-house for a child”s physiotherapy session.

Physiotherapy Program of MBCN for disabled children

Pujeet Gold Medal Winner

Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.”– John Updike Pujeet believes the same and this belief makes him unbeatable. Our star won several gold and silver medals. He has a very keen interest in volleyball and handball. His Intellectual Impairment does not limit him from aiming high. Rather, […]

Akshay Bora

Meet our magician of the week “Akshay Bora” – A passionate footballer who also loves Snowboarding and long jump and marked his territory on International and National levels. You do not necessarily need a magician’s hat, wand and a cape to do magic, all you need is a – BELIEF.

Kshitij Shandilya Gold Winner

The more you can dream, the more you can achieve, the more you achieve, the more humbler you become. Such is our student Kshitij Shandilya who is an achiever of just sports laurels but is an achiever at heart. His constant will to dream high despite his limitations makes him fly high too. Kshitij’s unshakeable […]

Deepoanshu Nath Singh Silver Winner

We all face challenges while making our dreams come true. Some perceive them as struggles and some see them as a beautiful journey. Our student Deepanshu Nath Singh is one among those who make the best out of their life despite some lacks. It is his outlook towards life that endows him with immense motivation […]

Abhinav Sharma Gold Medal Winner

In order to succeed, one’s desire for success should be greater than one’s fear of failure. Our student, Abhinav Sharma, never fears the difficulties posed by his disability. Rather, he is all the more determined to achieve heights in his life. His relentless courage of not losing heart makes him a magician who never falls […]

Rohit Raina Gold Medal

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Abhinav Rawat Gold Winner

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Meena Silver Medal Winner

Winning isn’t everything–but wanting to win is.” Our student Meena always wants to win and puts in utmost efforts towards the achievement of her dreams. She is a dreamer and along with a dreamer, she is a realist too as she knows that it is important to have patience too if the dreams are big. […]

Harsh Bhargav Gold Medal Winner

It is believed that the harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. One of our students, Harsh Bhargav, never falls short of putting in the best efforts despite his disability and constantly struggles hard towards achieving his set goals and targets. Such a level of dedication has enabled him to win several medals specially […]

Amey Kaushal Bronze Medal Winner

Our student, Amey Kaushal, is his own limit and for him, there are no limits to passion, hard work and success.No wonder, he is an extremely determined individual who keeps on dreaming high and works towards achieving them intensely. A brilliant Cycler and our dear student, Amey never fails to impress all of us with […]