Employment -


Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan welcomes trained manpower who possesses the passion and enthusiasm for making a difference in the lives of these special children. We have a team of profound and specialized teachers, doctors, who unconditionally emphasize on creating a progressing world for needy children with the aim to make them socially productive. They inculcate the social beliefs and contribute towards building such programs that stand helpful in the field of special education to needy ones. Our therapeutic programs include art, dance, yoga and vocational training etc. which are managed, run and coordinated by professionally trained teachers and therapists.

Our special children need timely and periodic attention of doctors, therapists and psychiatric experts, who are well-versed with the physical or mental disabilities of these children. Thus, we are pleased to have in-house medical practitioners as well as doctors for consultation who have experience and expertise in physiotherapy, sensory integration therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. We prefer to employ and associate with altruistic and specialized people, who acknowledge the facts and readily give their best for the betterment of children with special needs.

For career prospects with MBCN School, please post your resume at hr@mbcnschool.in