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Gift Your Sibling A Bliss In A Box This Rakhi

Gift Your Sibling A Bliss In A Box This Rakhi

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

One is outgoing, the other shy. One is talkative, the other reserved. One is dominating, the other submissive. But they accept each other despite these differences, and share the warmest equation. Truly, there’s nothing quite like a sibling bond.

Rakshabandhan celebrates that unbreakable promise of togetherness. And a rakhi is that thread of love that binds brothers and sisters for life. What’s more? Family get togethers, sweets, gifts, happiness and celebrations – all of it and more weave magical moments that we cherish as memories for a lifetime.

Gifts, being an integral part of any celebration, need to be special and thoughtful. Special occasions like Rakshabandhan call for exclusive gifts and unique packing. At MBCN, children with special needs have made that effort for you, out of pure love and affection. One look at these, and you’ll realise they have poured their hearts out while crafting extraordinary gift boxes for your siblings.

Sneak a peek at what our kids with special needs have made for you with love:

Royal box for your royal brother. Planning to gift him a wrist watch? Nothing could be better than this unique blue box, embellished with stones and beads to carry your love for him.

MBCN Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi is synonymous with giving cash to your sister. Here’s a beautiful red-golden case for her to collect money for your birthday gift.

MBCN Raksha Bandhan

Making chocolates for your brother? Gift him a lot of them in all his favourite flavours, in this special box.

MBCN Raksha Bandhan

This one’s for your sister’s love for bangles. A box as exquisite as this would just make her day.

MBCN Raksha Bandhan

A busy schedule might make it a little difficult for you to add an emotional touch to the gifts for your loved ones. Our kids at MBCN fill that gap for you, and happily so! These are not just gift boxes, but love-coated expressions that must be acknowledged and appreciated. And by investing in these, you’re contributing to the happiness of these children.

Want to check out all that these kids with special needs have made for you? Take a look here: https://www.mbcnschool.org/shop-online

ThankYouTeachers: Say MBCN Students

ThankYouTeachers: Say MBCN Students

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.

A teacher has always proved to be an anchor in our journey of life. As soon as we begin learning, we hold their hands and walk through the path of education. Learning is an enriching experience that allows us to keep going until we reach our destination leaving us wiser and feeling liberated.
It was time for Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) students to say #ThankYouTeachers to each one of those who have helped them move ahead in life. As the week began, they were gearing up for the Teacher’s Day celebration due on 5th of September. The pre-event activity saw a special gesture from the kids who went the eco-friendly way.

There were ‘Thank You’ messages written all over the notice board that paid a compliment to every special educator at MBCN. Children prepared special message cards and handmade paper bouquets for their teachers. Having received such love, how could their mentors not reciprocate? In return, they delivered a series of touching performances for these special kids.

They are and will always be unique

Unlike the usual, the special educators and rehabilitation therapists at MBCN had a different story to tell. They acted, danced and sang for their beloved pupils. The decorations were made, the stage was set and the rehearsals were in full swing when you had visited the place a day before.
Then came the day when the lamp was lit to begin the day by an inspiring figure, Mrs. Vandana Sharma, Director of MBCN. There was dance and silent skit performed by the teachers and students between the humming of songs. As the HOD of Junior Wing, Mrs. Rosy Kak welcomed the guests, students saw an entire range of performances lined up by their favourite teachers.

They are full of laughter and passion

In between, Mr. Rohit and Mrs. Anita kept the audience engaged through their anchoring. There was comedy full of laughs and romance full of passion when teachers danced all the way to our hearts. Mrs. Manju Chamoli’s performance was a special attraction as the students saw her dancing for the first time on a romantic number.
Inspired by life itself, and aimed at imparting lessons from everyday incidents, speech and hearing impaired students enacted a scene capturing the myriad milieu of general train compartments. Their expressions clearly matched the raw emotions of people who find themselves in situations that are difficult to evade.
There was a lot of talk about the MBCN teachers cum rehabilitators cum therapists; but have you ever wondered why they are different?

They are parents, educators and role models

Since 60-70 percent of MBCN educators are parents of specially-abled kids themselves, they have the empathy to play both roles equally well. Not just that, some of these Heads of Departments (HODs) aren’t just caregivers and tutors at the charitable school for differently-abled. They are extraordinary change-makers who are often invited as guest lecturers by noted government organisations like NIMH and NIHH. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, these educators performed hand-in-hand with their differently-abled students to regale the audience.

They unfold new chapters every day

These are actually life’s hidden lessons for kids to learn from. We thank our teachers for unfolding new chapters every day with their words, actions and colourful personalities.