The Perfect Bhai Dooj Gift for Any Sibling

The Perfect Bhai Dooj Gift for Your Sibling

Bhai Dooj Gift

The legendary English novelist Jane Austen once said, “What strange creatures brothers are!”.

Brothers might surprise us with the most thoughtful present or shock us with the weirdest gift of all time, yet they hold a very special place in our hearts that can never be replaced.

Bhai Dooj is the day to celebrate brothers and sisters – partners in crime whose bond grows stronger with each fight, and there’s no better way to thank this permanent friend of ours than by giving them a gift as special as them. Bhai Dooj gives us all an opportunity to hunt for the ultimate gift that our siblings will cherish for life.

This festive season, going eco-friendly with your gifts is the best call. Thankfully, we have already made gift-shopping easy and less strenuous by making hand-crafted and meaningful gifts available just a click away on our website. Fashioned with love, all the items made in our Swayam training workshops are sure to win your siblings’ heart.

Check out a few gifting options for every kind of sibling:

For the one with a sweet tooth:

Chocolate Box – Set Of 5


Fill these chocolate boxes with the most exquisite truffle bites and turn them into perfect gifts for your foodie sibling.


For the ‘perpetually broke’ one:

Cash Box 2 – Set Of 5


Is your sibling a college student frequently running out of cash, always wooing you to empty your wallet for them? Bail them out and become their favourite by giving them some much-needed allowance in this fancy, eye-catching cash envelope.


For the family wordsmith:

Small Diary (Gota) - Set of 15


If your sibling keeps a diary, or writes anecdotal tales, be an encouraging kin and show your support by gifting them these beautiful and useful diaries.

To look for more gifts, you can simply visit the Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan official website. All our products are hand-made by our special children, primarily from wood and other biodegradable raw materials, and are sure to light up your festivals.


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