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Vaakya: Giving ‘voice’ to the differently abled

Vaakya: Giving ‘voice’ to the differently abled

Smartphones, laptops, and tablets have revolutionized mobile technology and the way we communicate with each other. The mobile app market is flourishing due to the increased usage of smartphones. New apps roll out every day to make our lives easier and entertaining.


Everyone faces hardships and difficulties at some point, but for people with disabilities, barriers can be frequent and with a greater impact. Communication is one of the many barriers that can make it extremely difficult or even impossible for specially abled people to function. It is experienced by people who have disabilities that affect hearing, speaking, reading, writing and understanding different ways to communicate externally.

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The technology we use on a daily basis can be used to help the lives of disabled people. Assistive technology is often thought of as wheelchairs and hearing aids, but it’s actually an umbrella term that covers everything from pencil grips to latest technology tablets.

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To help people with severe communication problems, we have designed a picture-based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app. Vaakya that assists people with speech impairments. This app can be utilized during rehabilitation and conventional speech therapies. For individuals who are unable to read and communicate, the app works as a useful tool as it relies on pictures (for visuals) and audio instead of text. With the app, one can create a combination of pictures and audios related to his/her needs, to help them communicate effectively. For educators, therapists and guardians, multiple user accounts can be created that will contain pictures and audios, the combination of which helps derive a seamless expression.

Vaakya is available, free of cost, on Google Play Store.

Download it here:

Vaakya – Giving voice to the voiceless

Vaakya – Giving voice to the voiceless

In this era of connectivity, how would you feel if you lose your ability to express your opinion? How would you feel if you lose your voice?
The question asked above is the reality of millions of people worldwide. Some can’t speak since birth, while some others have lost their voice to accidents or diseases.

Being mute affects a person’s life in many ways, the most significant being the need to communicate via gestures and/or other alternative methods. However, there are many in the world who aren’t just mute, but also victims of major disorders like Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome.

To help those with such severe communication problems, we have designed Vaakya, an application for smartphones that will break down every communication and language barrier that speech-impaired people face. It is a picture-based app which acts as a means of augmentative and alternative communication, one that can be customised by users according to their special needs.

Special Features
● With customisation at its core, Vaakya comes equipped with some amazing and feasible features. For instance, you don’t need internet connectivity to make it work. Vaakya can operate without it as well.
● Multiple User Accounts – To keep data of different students and patients more organised. This feature benefits parents, teachers, guardians, doctors and many others.

How does it work?
While using Vaakya, you can audio record full sentences in any desirable language and associate them with a picture. The speech associated with the corresponding action can be recorded and played back in any language, providing greater flexibility. This makes it easier for others to recognise any form of communication and identify exactly what has been said. Through multiple user accounts, moreover, the app can also help segregate accounts of individuals according to their unique actions and speech specifications.

Vaakya is available free of cost on Google Play Store.
Download it here: