Splash of Colours and Love on Mother’s Day at MBCN -

Splash of Colours and Love on Mother’s Day at MBCN

God could not be everywhere, and therefore, he made mothers – Rudyard Kipling

Desks were splattered with water colours. Paint brushes were dropping on floors. Drawings were halfway through completion. Heart-shaped cut-outs were laid out to put hand prints on. Messages were thought out in minds. This was the scene at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) just a day before Mother’s Day.

Greeting Through Cards

A lot of differently abled energetic kids were busy making cards and gifts for their mothers. They drew sketches and cut out colourful flower petals to be pasted on the greeting cards. They showcased their creative best while using hand and thumb to paint their way through a colourful mix of little hearts. It was such an uplifting sight to see their hands all coated in paint dripping from the fingers, making the floor look so colourful like one big, shapeless rainbow.

Paint, Write or Paste the Message

When it comes to expressing love for our mothers, everything is welcome. Every gesture counts because a mother is our closest friend and our love of first sight ever since we opened our eyes. She is a constant anchor of support in all our life struggles, and someone who’s always there to back us up without any conditions.

Sharing their immense love, the differently-abled kids at our charitable school for special children jotted messages on cards and posed with their mothers. Here, every special child had his or her own way of conveying a message. They freely utilized the white canvas to express themselves on the occasion. They scribbled with their sketch pens, painted using colours and pasted designs on a sheet of paper.

Archit Gets Affectionate with Words

Ask Archit, a child with Cerebral Palsy and verbal limitations, about the importance of a mother in his life. He faltered but spoke at length to share what all her mother does for him on a daily basis. He expressed, ‘Her day starts with cooking breakfast and she takes care of all my needs. I just love my mother.’

Join the Celebration

For students at MBCN, Mother’s Day is not just a day of momentary celebration. It is the time when they join hands to appreciate the efforts that their mothers make every day to raise them and help them become a better person. A mother wakes up early every day, performs the basic household chores, understands us and takes care of all our necessities. This is the reason we are blessed to have them as angels in our life.

Embodying the same spirit, faculty, kids and parents at MBCN celebrated the day with immense joy and love. It was indeed refreshing to see such unparalleled bond of love and warmth amidst the flurry of greetings, cards and gifts.

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