Yaadein Bachpan Ki: Celebrations at MBCN -

Yaadein Bachpan Ki: Celebrations at MBCN


February 16 – the day we all look forward to! Every year on this very date, we celebrate the annual function of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, our school for children with special needs.

Established in 1999, Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) is a dream come true envisioned by the Late Shri Gurdeep (Ponty) Singh Chadha, founder of the Wave Group.

Annual Day ‘17

Nurturing their aspirations and building their future, MBCN is not just a school, but a promise made to every specially-abled child – a promise of better learning, better opportunities and a better life.

To celebrate the bond of togetherness that we share with our students, we celebrated our 18th Annual Day under the theme, ‘Yaadein Bachpan Ki’.

Starting from Ganpati Vandana, students presented many innovative musical and dance acts during the function, drenching the whole stage in the many colours of their childhood. Some captivated the audience by recreating ‘The Jungle Book’ while some mesmerised one and all by performing the Rajasthani Ghoomar. Students also performed a satirical silent act on smartphones and their ills, before stealing the show with ‘Navrai Manjhi’, the Maharashtrian wedding song. Each act was so well thought out and executed that it left everyone spellbound at the function.

Saying it with Vaakya

Performances aside, the main attraction of the day was the launch of our mobile application, Vaakya.

Vaakya is a picture-based app designed for people who are either speech impaired or affected by autism, cerebral palsy and other similar mental or physical conditions.

Addressing the audience, the Director of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, Ms. Vandana Sharma said, “We strive hard each day to empower and make our students independent. As we celebrate 18 wonderful years of this great institution, we have undertaken some very innovative methods to bring the specially-abled children into the mainstream. We have successfully facilitated our students to find employment in reputed companies.”

Reaching out with E-Commerce

Along with Vaakya, this occasion also witnessed the launch of our online shopping portal integrated with MBCN’s website: www.mbcnschool.org

Allowing customers to purchase handcrafted products at affordable prices online, the e-cart has been launched to embrace and appreciate the hardwork of the students of the MBCN ‘Swayam’ wing. Unveiling the launch, Vice Chairman, Wave Group, Mr. Manpreet Singh Chadha said, “It was my father’s vision to create an environment where children with special needs could become socially and economically independent; and today taking his dream a step further we have launched an APP and an e-commerce portal. This APP will help the specially-abled in communicating efficiently as it is picture based. It will help people who are speech impaired, affected by autism, cerebral palsy and various other mental and physical conditions. On the other hand, the income generated from the e-commerce portal will be given to students for their skill as an encouragement for their hard work. These initiatives will give an impetus to our on-going efforts in bringing vital changes to the lives of hundreds of children.”

Every student at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan is a part of our extended family, and we’re more than glad to have spent a wonderful day celebrating their efforts and hardwork.

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