Vikas Shows the Light through Vocational Training at MBCN -

Vikas Shows the Light through Vocational Training at MBCN

Stall at vocational training program of MBCN

Vocational training programmes play a key role in empowering the lives of the differently-abled. This is so because rare disabilities come with rare qualities which even a normal person cannot possess. Here, we put up an example of Vikas Midha who suffers from mild mental retardation, general seizure and Cerebellar Ataxia. His condition can be defined as a neurological deficit that comes from cerebral palsy related to cranial stenosis. But the question is that why we mention him in the conversations at Ponty Chadha Foundation (PCF).

Vikas is a real gem of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), a vocational training NGO run under PCF in Noida. He had joined MBCN only in April 2003 and went on to become a sales representative within just one year. So, what it took in the world for him to become that? Only positive attitude, sheer hard work and the collaborative efforts of his family and the entire MBCN staff that walked hand-in-hand with him while he moved ahead to achieve so much in life.

Here goes his success story. Son of a retired colonel and a homemaker, Vikas is singlehandedly handling the customers, cash and the stock report while working as a sales representative at the MBCN Kiosk running since 10 years in the Centrestage Mall of Noida. The MBCN Kiosk has several outlets to showcase the products made by the students of the sheltered workshop at various prominent malls spread across the northern India.
Sheltered Workshop Project
The kiosk at Centrestage Mall sells out various products made up of printed and handmade paper. These comprise carry bags, gift box, jewellery box, envelopes, chocolate box, cards, file folder, office kit and bangle box which are handcrafted independently by the special children of MBCN under its sheltered workshop project. It is with due regard to Ponty Chadha Foundation, the philanthropic arm of WAVE Group that has taken up an initiative to run a vocational training programme under its umbrella with an attempt to empower the special people. PCF provides them opportunities to realise their talents and hidden potential while taking part in extracurricular activities.

Moulding the Talents
Like a potter, ‘We, the #WaveRiders of MBCN’ work with the differently-abled while considering them as tender and soft as clay to be moulded into independent individuals. We start over again with the same lump spinning in our hands until the imperfections are done away with and a useful vessel of the desired shape is obtained. Thus, these vessels depicting humans grow to serve a purpose in life.

It is estimated that India would require around 500 million vocationally trained helping hands by the year 2022 across various sectors. Therefore, the government and non-profit organisations are making efforts to vocationally train and tap the skills of differently-abled people to bring about a desired change. Such training plays an important part in boosting the confidence of a special person.

An atmosphere for both learning and earning was developed at MBCN while keeping the talent and interest of every candidate in mind. These special people are looked over by professionals who work for their rehabilitation. Its sheltered workshop has now attained the status of a top manufacturer and supplier in paper items. For that, the students are continuously trained in cutting, pasting, designing, fabrication methods and screen printing techniques to prepare paper goods of high quality materials to ensure durability.

In the last few years, some of the corporate houses like Lakshita Fashions have also come forward to lend a helping hand to this initiative under the corporate social responsibility. The entire profit earned with the sale of these products goes to the students in the form of stipend on the equity basis. Therefore, help them and keep following to join-in the initiative. This is our way of empowering the talented lot of MBCN.


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