Laughter Day: MBCN teachers are a boon to the lives of special children -

Laughter Day: MBCN teachers are a boon to the lives of special children

laughter day

In a world full of despair and uncertainty, it’s always a good idea to take a break, and laugh away our fears and miseries. At MBCN, we believe in spreading smiles and unlimited happiness, and our teachers definitely go the extra mile in instilling positive vibes in the air, full of mirth, fun, and laughter.

Laughing may not be the quickest solution to a problem, and it will not change the situation, but what it does change is the way we look at things, and our overall perspective on life. Our mood defines everything, and how we react to certain situations can make or break us in ways we can’t even imagine.

Spreading love, being kind, and staying happy have a magnetic effect, especially when we deal with people on a day-to-day basis. At MBCN, we strongly believe in the power of happiness, and in dispersing happy vibes wherever we go, and in whatever we do!

We don’t need a particular day to express happiness or laugh out loud. It is a feeling we instil in our special children every single day. Laughter is something that helps us connect to one another, and alleviates any form of stress or tension. People go out of their way when it comes to joining special laughter clubs, as that becomes an escape from the monotony, and things that bring us down. At MBCN, we thrive on this concept 365 days of the year.

The MBCN teachers are the sole reason for the smiling faces of our students that you see in the photographs below. Teaching by the book is alien to their style of teaching. Instead, they interact with children in a friendly way, which makes the learning atmosphere more conducive and comfortable. Telling jokes, sharing fun-filled experiences and positivity are the three keys to a happy, friendly environment at MBCN.

We’ll let the pictures do all the ‘smiling’ for us now!
laughter 1

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