Celebrating the spirit of patriotism and freedom... -

Celebrating the spirit of patriotism and freedom…

Celebrating the spirit of patriotism and freedom...

Freedom is the oxygen for the soul”¦ You need no other reason to celebrate its essence!

As our nation grows and prospers, faces challenges dynamically and holds on to its cultural roots to build a strong future; we believe all this is possible because today we stand free. Free and independent from the foreign forces, from the inner demons and malices.

Every year, 15th August serves as a reminiscent of the good and bad memories, happy and sad events, success and failures of a tremendously diverse nation- INDIA. As India celebrates its 70th year of independence, we thank all our inspiring leaders who have helped in defining the India, world respects today.

As events and celebrations in honour of this day are organised all over India and amongst our Indian communities abroad, at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, the sight was no less. Tricolours everywhere, happy faces and invigorating ambience is how one can define the Independence Day celebrations at MBCN. As the day started, children and staff at MBCN started pouring at MBCN and unlike any other day, one could see people wearing ethnic clothes- kurta, saree, tricolour dupatta, saffron t-shirt etc. and carry paper flags in their hands. What a patriotic start!

But, as the day unfolded, there was more in store”¦

Flag hoisting
Unfurling the national flag and singing of the national anthem is done by many. But, wherever you go and experience it, this is always special. At MBCN, our students, staff and team together hoisted the tricolour and remembered the martyrs, the founders and builders of the free country!

Face painting activity
Children showcased their creative side and painted each other”s face with tricolour. Their love for the national flag was reflecting in this gesture.

Cultural performances
Lovely costumes and performances that could easily fill your hearts with the spirit of patriotism. Cheering the national slogans out loud with shine in the eyes to make this nation proud one day, summarises this experience.

Kite flying
May our hearts be free and minds soar high to bring a positive change in our developing society”¦
This message was clearly felt and the true happiness of freedom was experienced as everybody enjoyed the kite flying activity.

Undoubtedly, these activities and annual celebrations do remind you of the love and respect you hold for the nation, deep in your heart. You know this is your identity, you are Indian and that defines you once you step out.

No nation is perfect, but striving for perfection is an ongoing process, which is definitely a positive sign. Let”s promise ourselves that we will do our bit in preserving our freedom.

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