Taking the world in their stride! World Disability Day with MBCN

Beyond Disability with MBCN

Each year, the UN, along with the rest of the world, recognises World Disability Day, wherein specially-abled people are encouraged and empowered through skill-enabling activities, events and thought-provoking messages. The yearly theme provides an overarching focus on how the global communities can aim for greater inclusivity by removing technological, physical, and rigid points of view, that revolve around disability.

For World Disability Day 2017, the theme as advocated by the UN is ‘Transformation towards a sustainable and resilient society for all’. Going in sync with this idea, the MBCN faculty and staff have initiated a campaign called #BeyondDisability. True to its name and concept, the campaign is a sincere attempt at breaking stereotypes and taboos that come with disability.

This World Disability Day, the teachers and students at MBCN are on a mission to raise awareness about differently-abled kids, as they go about spreading their messages and thoughts across 100 schools in Noida. Besides sensitising the society, the MBCN teachers hope to build a greater understanding around disability, and to give way to open minds and positive attitudes.

Loving and caring gestures are not just pivotal in the school space, but are integral when it comes to building the child’s self-esteem and self-worth. Children with special abilities have a plethora of talents and skills to offer, which the society fails to take into consideration, due to self-made inhibitions and reservations.

With this ongoing campaign, MBCN teachers aim to reach 100,000 students, and instill the power of positivity in all. Going #BeyondDisability and accepting people for what and who they are is a thought that needs to find a permanent home in our minds. Unless we create a stir, we won’t witness ripples of change.

Here are some pictures that showcase the pride and resilience in the MBCN teachers and students, who are making a difference and breaking the shackles, that go #BeyondDisability.

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