A Letter A Day Connects Our Director With A Student -

A Letter A Day Connects Our Director With A Student

Who said handwritten letters are losing out relevance in this world of emails! At Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, our director, Dr. Vandana Sharma receives a handwritten letter every day at work from a class 6th student, Shilpa Pal.

You can call her a fan, an admirer or a simple girl trying to find ways to connect with her role model. But the emotion behind this gesture is purely based on love, affection and gratitude.

Shilpa, who has speech issues, has found a perfect way to convey her feelings to the Director of MBCN through her letters. These letters come with *conditions attached. She only hands over the priceless letters to her “ma’am” Dr. Vandana. Nobody else can read her letters, not even her mother. Nobody should be around while Shilpa is talking to her respected teacher.

Earlier, Shilpa used to call the director for every small issue or problem she faced, without her parents’ knowledge. Her day was not complete until she would meet Dr. Vandana. When the director was unable to give her time, she would get adamant and wait for her outside the room to personally give the letters.

Shilpa was in K.G. when she took admission in the school. Since the very beginning, she used to follow Dr. Sharma from class-to-class. Wherever her loving teacher would go, Shilpa would peep through the doors and try to get a glimpse of her. Over the years, her love and respect for Dr. Vandana has grown leaps and bounds.

One letter ‘every day’ pattern has now changed to ‘seven’ letters every week. Each letter a day is an opportunity for Shilpa to interact with her respected teacher. Dr. Vandana Sharma also receives these letters with great fondness. Whenever she gets time, she meets her student, and tries to bring improvement in her by telling the mistakes she made in the letters. She even appreciates the improvement from time-to-time in handwriting and expression.

After spending many years at MBCN as a student, Shilpa has calmed down a lot. Not even one day has passed in last 1 year that the student has missed writing a letter to her dear “ma’am”. In case the director is busy, this diligent student would leave the letter outside her room.

This is a special case of teacher-student bonding. These letters are a testimony of the improvement Shilpa has made during her days at MBCN. Now, she is very good at studies and her handwriting has improved considerably. From a girl who used to get angry and stop talking to everybody in the class when not allowed to meet Dr. Vandana, she has now become a cheerful and a disciplined child. She has also started helping her fellow students.

This, for us is a Wave of Change we wish to bring in the life of every student at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan. Here, at this school for special education in Delhi/ NCR, each child is given the coherent and customised environment suiting his / her unique needs. This results in a thoughtful, well-nurtured student who’s prepared to beat all odds and emerge as a better individual like Shilpa Pal. At MBCN, we wish to bring this change in the lives of each and every student and empower them to make the most of life.

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