Gift Your Sibling A Bliss In A Box This Rakhi

MBCN Raksha Bandhan

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

One is outgoing, the other shy. One is talkative, the other reserved. One is dominating, the other submissive. But they accept each other despite these differences, and share the warmest equation. Truly, there’s nothing quite like a sibling bond. MBCN Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan celebrates that unbreakable promise of togetherness. And a rakhi is that thread of love that binds brothers and sisters for life. What’s more? Family get togethers, sweets, gifts, happiness and celebrations – all of it and more weave magical moments that we cherish as memories for a lifetime.

Gifts, being an integral part of any celebration, need to be special and thoughtful. Special occasions like Rakshabandhan call for exclusive gifts and unique packing. At MBCN, children with special needs have made that effort for you, out of pure love and affection. One look at these, and you’ll realise they have poured their hearts out while crafting extraordinary gift boxes for your siblings.MBCN Raksha Bandhan

Sneak a peek at what our kids with special needs have made for you with love:
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Royal box for your royal brother. Planning to gift him a wrist watch? Nothing could be better than this unique blue box, embellished with stones and beads to carry your love for him.
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Rakhi is synonymous with giving cash to your sister. Here’s a beautiful red-golden case for her to collect money for your birthday gift.
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Making chocolates for your brother? Gift him a lot of them in all his favourite flavours, in this special box.
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This one’s for your sister’s love for bangles. A box as exquisite as this would just make her day.

A busy schedule might make it a little difficult for you to add an emotional touch to the gifts for your loved ones. Our kids at MBCN fill that gap for you, and happily so! These are not just gift boxes, but love-coated expressions that must be acknowledged and appreciated. And by investing in these, you’re contributing to the happiness of these children.

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