Support Your Children Special Needs with Vaakya -

Support Your Children Special Needs with Vaakya

Information flows from a developed to a developing region. Even today, there are many areas in our country, which are deprived of intelligent application of the technology like internet banking and mobile apps. There is scarcity of special schools and trained professionals in many parts of our country. We, “Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan” are dedicated to remove barriers and improve disabled children lives residing even in far flung areas with the help of a mobile app, ‘Vaakya’. In a developing country, mobile device is the most effective medium to reach the unreached masses.

Our Centre for Research, Technology and Innovation presents this mobile based self-instructional tool highly useful for disabled children. Parents can guide the children with the help of this advanced app, easy in navigation and usability. Needs and emotions associated with food/drink, dressing & grooming, queries, recreation, travelling, can be communicated easily. Still much functionality is yet to be added to this app for making it more effective.

The unique features of the app are mentioned below –

  1. The app, available easily on mobile/online is a picture-based AAC (augmentative and alternate communication) app
  2. Leveraging app, the parents can check the growth level of their kids in different domains and then suggest them the best practising methods. It is indispensable to find out the delays in development.
  3. The app will help the child in 7 domains – Motor, Cognitive, Social/Domestic, Self-help Skill, Language, Reading and Writing

An educator, therapist, guardian can create multiple user accounts. In coming time, the app will be added with much more functionality like advanced senors and discussion forum.

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