Medical Insurance Facility Now for MBCN's Special Kids -

Medical Insurance Facility Now for MBCN’s Special Kids

Medical Insurance Facility Now for MBCN’s Special Kids

Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), a charitable school for the differently-abled recently joined hands with The New India Assurance Company Limited in the wake of extending health insurance benefits to the special kids. This is what MBCN believes in and propagate.

Health or medical insurance for persons with disability means that kind of insurance coverage which covers all medical as well as surgical costs borne by them. At MBCN, a health insurance camp was recently held where we gathered our special children who wished to opt for the ‘Swavlamban Health Insurance Scheme’. It was an opportunity of adding a value tag to their life. They made a beeline to take advantage of the benefits offered to them.

Joint Effort with New India Assurance Company
The scheme came in as a boon as it has been especially designed for the people with disabilities to derive maximum out of the affordable health insurance. The collaborating company also associates with the Ministry of Social Justice, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities to bring out an affordable insurance programme for the underprivileged people.

This Swavlamban Health Insurance Scheme empowers the differently-abled to get insured to access the medical care and treatment as and when required. This scheme is meant for providing a comprehensive cover to every beneficiary and his or her family. For example, when a beneficiary gets covered, it automatically offers a cover to his or her spouse as well as a family of up to two children.

Group Health Insurance for Cashless Treatment
Single premium is offered throughout a particular age group falling between 18 to 65 years with an annual family income of less than 3,00,000 INR per annum. The scheme provides a cover for any pre-existing condition with a health insurance coverage going up to 2,00,000 INR per annum in the form of a family floater.

For such situations, the scheme especially has a tailor-made plan of Group Health Insurance ready. Swavlamban was conceived with an objective of enabling affordable insurance for the people suffering from different disabilities. It includes persons with blindness, hearing impairment, low vision, mental retardation, loco-motor disability and those cured of leprosy.

After this, the insured persons become eligible to opt to undergo a cashless treatment. The move ensures financial security for the people with disability and aims at improving the general living conditions as well as the quality of life for the differently-abled.

‘Swavlaban’ is to be self-dependent and with this new chapter being added to the history of MBCN, we are convinced to be moving forward in the right direction every day.

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