MBCN’s contribution to making an Eco-friendly Environment -

MBCN’s contribution to making an Eco-friendly Environment

Getting Eco friendly

The world is evolving and so are pollution, disasters and diseases. With this rapid change, it is imperative to preserve the Earth and living things on it. The issues related to Mother Nature have grown to such an extent that we humans have now started to realize the importance of going eco-friendly.

Building on the thought, Mata Bhagwati Chadha Niketan, a part of The Ponty Chadha Foundation has come up with a solution and contribute towards making an eco-friendly society.


Following the concept of eco-friendliness, special students at MBCN work with full vigour and enthusiasm towards making products that are usable in our daily lives and at the same time are comparable to high end consumer products displayed in premium showrooms.

Eco-friendly Environment

The products, also available for sale on the MBCN website, range from stationery items like pen stands, photo frames and small notebooks, to gift items like jewellery boxes, wall hangings, chocolate boxes, etc. The children work in sheltered workshops and are taught the skills and art required to make these products.

Preference for Eco-Friendly products helps create a sustainable environment for us. Designing and manufacturing products keeping the environment in mind is always a good idea for saving our surroundings.

MBCN’s contribution to making an Eco-friendly Environment

There is an impact on the environment for every small thing we do in our daily life, and opting for eco-friendly products will contribute to saving our environment and making it sustainable. The product made by our special children are beneficial economically, socially and environmentally. These products are environmentally safe from its production, right through disposal.

Children at MBCN are doing their bit to conserve the environment. What about you?
We would love to read about your ideas for environment contribution!

And yes, do not forget to shop for our specially designed eco-friendly products, available here: https://www.mbcnschool.org/shop-online/

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