MBCN Sports Festival 2016 -

MBCN Sports Festival 2016

MBCN Sports Festival 2016

‘Let me win but if I can’t win, let me be brave in my attempts’
— Special Olympics Athlete’s oath

This motto of Special Olympics is all about finding the courage to give it all one has got, give their hundred per cent, come whatever may. This special quote from the oath sworn by the athletes at the Special Olympics isn’t just a rhetorical statement but a fact that students at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan believe in and recently reflected at their Sports Festival.

Around 600 athletes participated in various sports activities of MBCN Sports Festival in the grounds of Genesis Global school. The sunny November morning, saw a variety of sports which gave the specially abled students of MBCN an opportunity to display their impressive capabilities, more than what is seen. It’s always more about the sheer efforts and hope to rise above all odds. Sports provide with the opportunity of competition, to grow in confidence, & improve health, skills, & abilities.

The MBCN Sports Festival was graced by and was a successful one under the guidance of Dr. Vandana Sharma, Director and Principal, MBCN; who has always believed in identifying and nurturing her students’ skills beyond disability.

The festival saw events like 25 mtrs Assisted Walking competition, Softball throw across various age groups and wings at MBCN and the ancient game of BOCCE, which was a delight and was participated by the Swayam wing

Each and every event was modified to suit the physical abilities so that every individual could showcase their potential is the best way possible. Proud parents and happy teachers were excited and cheered all the students throughout! Also, refreshment, support and first aid teams were actively engaged to ensure successful completion of this annual affair.

MBCN Sports Festival was indeed an occasion which proved yet again that it is special to have tears of sheer joy when one scores, receives a medal, hugs a friend to celebrate their success or gives me thumbs up to a friend… It was a day that provided opportunities, removed isolation and boosted self confidence of many! We hope to continue, support and cherish with such endeavors in future.

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