Know about MBCN’s Continuing Rehabilitation Education (CRE) Program

Know about MBCN’s Continuing Rehabilitation Education (CRE) Program

CRE Program

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

Bringing in new ways to simplify learning for special children, MBCN recently conducted a Teachers’ Training Workshop on CRE (Continuing Rehabilitation Education) in collaboration with Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences. Approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India, the workshop was organised on the theme of ‘Functional Curriculum’.

What is Functional Curriculum

Functional curriculum focuses on independent living and vocational skills, emphasizing communication and social behaviour in children with special needs. MBCN always makes constructive efforts to train its special educators in the latest learning techniques that fall under the purview of special education. The whole objective of this learning method is to impart skills that are essential for children to live independently in the society.
CRE Training at MBCN
Experts held some really insightful and informative sessions on different aspects of functional learning. Here are a few highlights of the CRE training program at MBCN.

Dr. Alok Kumar Bhuwan, Director of Manovikas Charitable Trust, New Delhi, addressed the audiences on Independent Living: Advocacy and self esteem and independent living with disability.

Ms. Nitika Mendirata, Director of SASR, Faridabad, talked about ‘Functional Numeracy’, what it means and where it is required.
CRE Program

Ms. Diana Lil Phillip, Assistant Professor at Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (AIRS), introduced MBCN educators to ‘Functional Academic Writing’.

Dr. Amitav Mishra, Professor, School of Education, IGNOU, New Delhi, talked about ‘Functional Curriculum & Inclusion: How to make IEPs (Individualized Education Programs), personalize IEPs and how to select goals’.

Mr. Saurabh Kumar Mishra, Assistant Professor at Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (AIRS), threw light on ‘Functional Communication’ and explained how meaningful it is in terms of building vocabulary for special children in a naturalistic way.

Learning is a continuous process

As teachers and special educators, it is imperative to be able to identify the functional skills of special learners and intervene to bring improvements in them for a better life ahead. The underlying aim of such exercises at MBCN is to discover ways of using latest techniques to make learning simpler and fun for the children with special needs, while also offering inclusive education by accepting children with disabilities and focusing on their individual abilities.

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