International Day of Yoga: Union of Mind & Body -

International Day of Yoga: Union of Mind & Body

nternational Day of Yoga

Yoga – food for soul and mind that helps a person get in touch with his or her inner self. Derived from the sanskrit work ‘yuj’, yoga means oneness. A wonderful workout regime, people practice yoga to strike the right balance between mind and body.

nternational Day of Yoga

On June 21, we celebrate the International Day of Yoga to unite the world towards one common goal: healthy, peaceful lifestyle. From improving flexibility to building muscle strength and improving posture, yoga protects and maintains bone health for a robust skeletal structure. Improving the immunity, it liberates the mankind from all physical ailments. In addition to this, it elevates the mood, calms you down, and maintains stable blood pressure. Not just another exercise, yoga is the best route to connect with nature and realise your true potential.

While the world is adopting yoga for a better life, why should we Indians stay behind. To contribute to the #HumFittoIndiaFit initiative, we at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, encourage our students to practice yoga for a healthier lifestyle and right attitude. Let’s take a look at how our children with special needs stay in the pink of health with yoga.

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