Celebrating Unique Talent: Ability Trumps 'Disability'

Celebrating Unique Talent: Ability Trumps ‘Disability’

Uniquely Abled

All of us have remarkable talents that are unique, and there needs to be a day to celebrate such talent – not just for the world, but for ourselves. Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day is a day to embrace your special talent and flaunt it in front of your friends and family. It could involve writing, painting, dancing, singing and playing sports, to name a few.

Children have a lot to offer to the world. On a day like this, all children, especially the differently abled, should embrace their quirky abilities and show them off to everyone else.

Differently abled children are not just sources of inspiration for us at MBCN. They are also a highly motivating force for thousands of people in our country. They have the grit and will power to rise against all odds and achieve the unthinkable. Such children motivate us beyond what words can ever express.

Today, we would like to share success stories of some of our special students, which make us realise that disability after all is just a word; it can’t stop anyone from achieving their goals.


Kartik, a hearing impaired child with delayed speech yet an unwavering passion. He is a fighter who beat unimaginable disabilities with remarkable ease. Thanks to his hunger for success, today he is well versed in karate, jujutsu, kung fu and taekwondo. He is also a dancer and a sportsman. Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan is proud to have such students.


Arushi is an MBCN student with down syndrome. Life is all about overcoming obstacles, and kids like Arushi have been fighting them since childhood. She has been a class topper with excellent cooking and dancing skills – a prodigy who has grown by leaps and bounds with the help of her parents, teachers and friends. Here’s a glimpse of her fighting spirit.

Shrey Kadian

People often complain about their needs and trivial issues, but kids like Shrey Kadian prove that nothing is impossible – even for people with disabilities. Shrey, an MBCN student, is a superstar athlete with countless medals in softball, and a proud member of the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Athlete Input Council.

Gauri Kishore

Born with down syndrome, Gauri Kishore was sent to Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan to realise her talents. She not only got to explore her abilities, but was also able to overcome her limitations. Watch this beautiful dance performance by her at the #MBCN annual day.

Most of us take our lives for granted. Despite being physically fit, we keep complaining and making excuses. On the other hand, these kids prove that you don’t need to be physically fit and strong to succeed. All you need is willpower and determination.

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