Physiotherapy Program for Physically Challenged Children


Physiotherapy 1 - MBCN

Our Regular physical therapy programme provides physically challenged children with opportunities to reach their optimal functional ability. Treatment may include activities and exercises for strengthening, stretching, range of motion, relaxation, endurance, head and trunk control, gait training, sensory integration and gross motor challenging. Working within an interdisciplinary team approach, our special educators regularly work with physiotherapists for daily activities that enhance the child’s physical therapy programme.

The school has all facilities available in-house for a child’s physiotherapy session.

Suggestion: Can add the various methods and tools used for physiotherapy in the school, for eg. therapy ball, and other assistive devices.

Physiotherapy Program of MBCN for disabled children

Success Stories

Success Stories - MBCN
Understanding the Needs of a Hearing Impaired Child

Our ears expose us to the wonderful sounds of nature and the ambience surrounding us. We understand things when we hear them. But, when we are unable to receive sounds through ears then it leads to a condition of hearing impairment. Although, there is always a possibility to amplify sounds with the use of a hearing aid in various conditions. However, if the hearing loss is found to be severe, a person develops an inability to distinguish sounds. Still, students who are hard of hearing can comprehend audio information by supplementing their properly working senses with listening devices.
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