The Nobel Thought

My prayer box is a Swayam initiative. Swayam is the vocational training workshop at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, which guides differently abled people in developing and using their skills to make environment friendly products. My prayer box is one of such beautiful piece of art created by our children with utmost love, dedication, skills and hard work.

You don't just buy it; you live each essence that comes wrapped with My prayer box!

Unveil the box to dive into divine

23 choicest pure Pooja saamagri, carefully diffused into a creatively hand crafted box, this is My Prayer Box.

  • 1. Kalsha
  • 2. Gangajal
  • 3. Gulabjal
  • 4. Sahed
  • 5. Itra
  • 6. Murti
  • 7. Kalava
  • 8. Aarti Book
  • 9. Panchmeva
  • 10. Rui Batti
  • 11. Roli
  • 12. Elaichi
  • 13. Laung
  • 14. Sindoor
  • 15. Dhoop
  • 16. Supari
  • 17. Cloth
  • 18. Chawal
  • 19. Haldi Powder
  • 20. Janeu
  • 21. Chandan
  • 22. Kapoor
  • 23. Deepak
Hand-Crafted Prayer Box by MBCN Students

Why My Prayer Box is your best prayer mate


The soothing Beige colored box Is as fresh as it looks. Made from eco-friendly material, it has been crafted for calmative prayer session. My prayer box has been crafted by the skillful hands of especially abled children of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan.

Blessings for all

Especially abled kids with their skillful hands design My Prayer Box. With every box that you buy, you get an instant blessing from all those skillful hands that create this box.

Hassle Free

Now with My Prayer Box, celebrate your prayers with an ease. 23 premium quality prayer essentials have been carefully put together for a smooth prayer session without any hassle of collecting it from different places.

Great Gifting Experience

What could be better than gifting peace and prayers to someone whom you care for? My Prayer Box is going to strengthen your bond with your loved ones with its purity.

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  • Jyoti Acharya, South Ex – I

    I am enjoying my Pooja sessions with My Prayer Box. Initially I thought this to be just a package which offers all the essential Pooja samagri, but when I got to know that this box Is completely eco-friendly the joy of Pooja got doubled.

  • Abhijeet Banarjee, Gurugram

    My mom and dad were visiting my younger brother in USA, I thought of sending a gift with them for my brother's family. My prayer Box was a perfect gift for them as it's not just a box of 23 pooja samagri, it is our culture wrapped in an eco-friendly box.

  • Radhika Sharma, Ghaziabad

    I am a professional, working in Delhi/NCR away from my parents. Prayers have always given me strength and positivity. Earlier I use to search for every small items that we use in day to day Pooja tirelessly in market. But My Prayer Box gave me a peace hand with its premium quality eco-friendly box and 23 pooja essentials.