Yoga Therapy

Extra curricular activities on MBCN - Physical exercise

MBCN’s prime concern is to assist the students in overcoming what they see as a flaw in themselves, at the same time their overall well-being also doesn’t go unnoticed. We conduct special Yoga and meditation classes in the school campus, which the students also enjoy.
Yoga and meditation impart a complete psycho-mental relief to the wards. They attain a sense of being, get more in touch with their spiritual selves, and get comfortable with their body. A regular practice of both also improves concentration and refines their memory.


We have found that children with special needs benefit the most from a yoga programme. Our integrated approach addresses the physical, social-emotional and learning strengths and challenges of the whole child. Benefits of yoga therapy which is provided for special children in MBCN by trained yoga Therapist may include increased breath control, body awareness, flexibility, strength, confidence, self-acceptance, balance, more effective communication, self-regulation and relaxation. Yoga therapy compliments significantly to achieving other therapy goals.

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Dance therapy

MBCN provides dance therapy which has many benefits for special children. It combines creative expression (dance/movement, music, play and body awareness activities) with skill development (communication, self-regulation, motor planning and social interaction).Dance tends to be a more enjoyable way to practice motor skills than simple exercise, because it is done to music. Even the child who has great difficulty relating to others can experience personal fulfilment and increased confidence as he/she performs and is applauded for his/her efforts.


Self-expression through art making is a powerful yet safe way of allowing your child to express their feelings in relation to their disability In other words, art therapy communicates when words simply cannot.

Behaviour Management

The kids with special needs usually display congenital behaviour which is deep-rooted into their being. There are curiosity, insecurity and self-protective impulses at the root of it. But moving forward, it must be curbed.
Our skilled team-members analyze each kid separately and come across a possible solution to fix the issue. The reasons may be psychological or physiological, but each one needs a special handling. The first step that we follow is to cut the anti-social or disruptive behaviour. The next step is to promote appropriate behaviour.

Yoga Therapy – MBCN

Success Stories

Success Stories - MBCN
Vikas Shows the Light through Vocational Training at MBCN

Vocational training programmes play a key role in empowering the lives of the differently-abled. This is so because rare disabilities come with rare qualities which even a normal person cannot possess. Here, we put up an example of Vikas Midha who suffers from mild mental retardation, general seizure and Cerebellar Ataxia. His condition can be defined as a neurological deficit that comes from cerebral palsy related to cranial stenosis. But the question is that why we mention him in the conversations at Ponty Chadha Foundation (PCF).
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