Special Education

Special Education Program 1 - MBCN

The motive of imparting education to an individual is to help them become free from any kind of dependence. Education enables us to carry ourselves confidently in the world. And in a school where the attendees are kids with special needs, it is very important to follow the right approach.
At MBCN, it is our prime concern to give a warm, nurturing environment to our students that gives them plenty of scope to grow in terms of academics, communications, social skills, basic application sciences and self-care skills. Our teaching programmes have been developed after a careful consideration of their special needs, and each one leaves a positive impact on the children.
Each child at MBCN benefits from customized Individual Education Programme (IEP) that is focused to develop academic skills, communication skills, social skills, motor skills ,applied and functional academics, self-care, life skills, recreational skills and prevocational skills through research-based methodologies to meet a child’s specific needs. We provide training for children with all learning difficulties like intellectual challenges, physical disabilities, autism, speech, & hearing impairments and children with multiple disabilities.

Success Stories

Success Stories - MBCN
Adapting to a Child with Hearing Loss: A Teacher’s Perspective

A teacher’s job is to ensure that his/her students have a hunger to learn overcoming all odds and limitations. Even though the child has a hearing impairment and requires extra care. Being a teacher for special children, I have learnt adapting to different teaching strategies that work in the classroom setting. But before taking any step, I try to analyse the extent of hearing impairment every child suffers from. Proper assessment of the situation allows me to ensure educational accessibility for these special children.
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