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Handmade Office Items
Office items

Special children at MBCN work in sheltered workshops and create many products that are useful as office stationary items. These include pen stands, photo frames, small notebooks, slip pads, paper folders and files.

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Handmade Gift Items
Gift items

Children at MBCN create different items that are used as gifts. Jewellery boxes of different shapes and sizes, wall hangings, chocolate boxes and baskets. These items are already popular among many corporate houses and organizations as festival gift items.

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Handmade Paper Bags
Other items

Paper bags of different shapes and designs, designer envelopes are other products created at the sheltered workshop at MBCN.

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Usable Baskets


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Paper Bags

Usable Paper Bags

Photo Frames

Awesome Photo Frames

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The sheltered workshop conducted at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan gives a platform to the special children to get vocational training and, at later stages give them suitable employment. In order to make our vocational trainees economically independent we are running a sheltered workshop where they make eco-friendly paper products under supervision of rehabilitation professionals. The profit earned by the products sales is equally divided among them every month. They are actively involved in production and gain a sense of self-worth and, more importantly, economic independence. Above all, the trainees become a contributory member in the income generating activities of their family and a productive member of the community at large.

We have permanent outlets in following locations for sale of our products which are provided free of cost by our own group.

  • Noida: CentreStageMall (Wave Malls)
  • Lucknow: The Westend Mall (Waves Malls)
  • Ludhiana: The Westend Mall (Waves Malls)
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