Let the Child in Us Stay Alive as We Grow in Life -

Let the Child in Us Stay Alive as We Grow in Life

Let the Child in Us Stay Alive as We Grow in Life

“The child is the father of the man”, said a famous English poet of the romantic age. The line stands true even today and will continue to stand true till the end of time. No matter how old we get, there will always be a child in each one of us, helping us blissfully sail through this thing called life. The more we try to subdue the child in us, the quicker we begin to age. It is this child in us that helps us stay young and sprightly.

As we grow older, we realise that it is the child in us that carries us through all our difficulties and anxieties. It is the carefree tenor of this child that becomes fortified in our personalities and helps us wade through life with ease. The more in tune we are with this child the better prepared we are to face the challenges of life, no matter how hard and overbearing they are.

We all remember our childhood with great fondness. It is the love and affection that we receive in our childhood that helps us become better human beings after all. A great person is the one who can act like an adult and yet can keep the child in him alive. To put that simply, great things are achieved by people who can act childlike despite the vigour of youth, those rare ones who manage to retain the virtues of childhood all their life.

Irrespective of our profession, the only thing that can help us reach the pinnacle is the passion and zestfulness of the child within us. Keeping that in mind, on this Children’s Day, the Ponty Chadha foundation got actively involved in celebrating the day by means of various activities, contests and campaigns. Ponty Chadha Foundation also occasion out to their audience through a social media campaign titled ‘For the Child in You’, helping adults reminisce their childhood days through games and gadgets only they can relate to.
Let the Child in Us Stay Alive as We Grow in Life
Other than that, the students of MBCN also celebrated Gurupurab by visiting Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, paying their homage to Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and performing Seva on the auspicious occasion and will be taken out for various excursions within this month.

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