Challenges in working for people with disabilities -

Challenges in working for people with disabilities

Special education is a very challenging field. Here are a few stressors in working for rehabilitation.

1.  Lack of appreciation.  

It has a more emotional component. Special education teachers, in most instances, do not get as much appreciation as their general education colleagues. . Special education is necessary, special education is an actual form of teaching, and special education is special.

2. Parent support

In some cases, It is so disappointing when a child who was once so motivated to do well no longer cares because their parents do not value education and training..and have expressed as much to their child.

3. Variability of student”s needs

In all classes, you will see students who are at different ability levels, learn in different ways, and understand concepts at different times. Differentiated instruction and individualized teaching practices are challenging for all teachers. It gets even more difficult in special education, multi-aged classroom.

4. Awareness in society about non-visible intellectual disabilities

Our society needs to be aware of and sensitive about Non-visible disabilities. Families of such children/adults suffer badly because of isolation and lack of social contact/support.
Media can play a major role.

5. Group Home Facilities are badly required for adults with disabilities as old parents are constantly worrying about what will happen to their children after their parents” death.

6. Fundraising
Unfortunately, ”˜disability” is not a preferred area for the corporate sector to spend their CSR funds. Govt should give some credit to encourage the same.

7. More than children with permanent disabilities, their parents need guidance, support, and counseling to deal with complex issues that are not temporary. It is a challenge to motivate them to seek professional help and empower themselves to live a life worth living.


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