Recreational Activities for Special Kids during lockdown at home -

Recreational Activities for Special Kids during lockdown at home

Everything was going good but then Coronavirus decided to put every 2020 plan at a halt. While the world is under lockdown, it seems the clock has stopped ticking. Everyone nowadays is trying to do something or the other to keep themselves away from boredom and negativity, hence, special kids are no different. In fact, in times like these, they need more attention and a busy environment. So here are various activities that you as parents can carry out with your kids to ensure that they have a good time.

1.  Play ‘Simon Says’

Simon says

This game is pretty interactive and will help your children to be more efficient. Here, you’ll have to give them instructions followed by “Simon Says”. For example- Simon Says- clap your hands, Simon says- show me how to jump, Simon Says- lay on the floor, etc. This way they’ll enjoy their lockdown ways and will feel good. In fact, the game would initiate in them a habit of listening to what is being told.

2. Solving puzzles

Solving puzzles

It helps them open their mind and gives them a better understanding of things. Use easy puzzles like that of fruits, scenery, flower, vegetables, etc. so that they find it more relatable. This will not only enhance their knowledge but will also instill confidence in them. Make sure that you are with them throughout in case they seek help as not being able to solve the puzzle might get them irritated. So, be their rescuer and help them solve it. After all the smile of your child as they complete their puzzle has to be the most beautiful thing.

3. Fun with Play Dough

Fun with Play Dough

Sensory Crafts for special kids is a highly important aspect when it comes to involving them in the creative learning process. This gives their imagination a push start and they create magic out of it. Moreover, they enjoy playing with mushy clay which keeps their little hands and minds busy.

4. Painting chronicles

painting chronicles

Hand them over not only a paintbrush but a comb, a lady-finger, a straw, or maybe nothing and just let them use their fingers to draw masterpieces. Using colors to paint whatever comes to their mind is not less than therapy. It makes kids happy and all the more they feel super creative. Their thoughts just rush through pages resulting in a blend of beautiful colors.

5. Handmade Ring Toss game

Handmade Ring Toss Game

Keeping your kids engaged during the quarantine time can be difficult. They might get bored doing the same things over time. Hence, making a ring toss game at your home can give them the needed fun. We all have kitchen rolls at our places. So grab some and stick them together to make a poll. Now create rings with newspaper and you are all set! Give them chances to throw the ring in the hole, and every time they do, make a star on their wrist as a symbol of appreciation and motivation.

6. Color Matching Game

Color matching game

game is effective in a way that it will make their brain work faster and they’ll be able to connect the audio and visual aspects of it. You’ll ask them to bring something in color Yellow and they’ll search for it. This way they’ll listen to your instructions and will learn about the appearances of different colors.

These were a few activities which if your kids will do, they’ll feel positive and energetic despite being at home. As parents, it’s your duty to ensure that their learning process doesn’t have long gaps. So why wait for more? Now you know how to keep them going during the quarantine!

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