HAPPY PERIODS - Menstrual Hygiene -

HAPPY PERIODS – Menstrual Hygiene

A caregiver handbook for dealing with menstrual hygiene management in the special needs adolescent.



Developed by-

Center for Research, Innovation and Technology
(Ponty Chadha Foundation)
Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Science



The Caregivers Handbook was developed in response to requests from parents for resources related to menstrual management of their daughters with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal was to provide information that was culturally relevant and covered a lot of concerns about menstruation. This handbook is backed by face to face interaction with parents and data collected through a questionnaire on problems faced by the parents. It represents a joint effort of Parents and Professionals, to create what we hope is an intelligent, yet easy to read and share the document for those who support an adolescent with an intellectual and developmental disability.

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