Activities to relax your child with Special Needs -

Activities to relax your child with Special Needs

One thing we all know without a doubt is that every parent loves their children to an extent where they can’t see them unhappy and restless. The situation intensifies when you’re a parent of a child with special needs. You are required to pay more attention and look for various alternatives to calm your child down. If you are wondering what could be the ‘Brahamastra’ to relax your child with special needs, you are in the right place. Here are a few ways that can help you make peace with the situations when your child is feeling restless.




1. Create a small private area for your child

Sometimes all your children need is their personal space where they can keep
themselves away from visual distractions and extra noise. This works when the
children are overwhelmed with their present environment and are trying to escape
their current situation. You can take them to the terrace or their toy room where
they can spend some time alone and have a break from triggers.

2. Walking with them

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Whenever a situation of unrest arises, take your little one for a walk. This will help
consume their energy that has been building up into them. A change in view and
fresh air can ease out the whole situation. Hence, the situation will be pacified.
3. Quiet music is always the best!
The slow melodious tunes are therapy for anyone who feels anxious. No doubt
they can be of great help when it comes to relaxing your child with special needs.
Not only will this calm them down but they’ll also enjoy spending their time
listening to soothing music.


4. Hug because Jaadu Ki Jhappi always works

Squeeze in, rub your child's back and give him or her a warm bear hug. But make
sure that you are not overburdening them with your emotions and love. In times
like this, the child is over sensitive and is needed to be handled in a soft manner
only. So shower your love in a controllable manner.

5. Because Yoga se hoga!

Yoga has been the ultimate solution to living a healthy and happy life. The
combination of stretches, slow breathing and easy yoga poses help in the smooth
functioning of your mind and body. Making your child with special needs do yoga
will aid in relieving him or her from discomfort. You can refer to youtube videos to see what yoga exercises are best for children. Introduce this to your child in a
fun way so that they are motivated to try it.


6. Give them something to drink

Though the glass of water will do the trick, in case it doesn't, give your child some
fruity juice. This will help to cool them down. Letting them drink with a straw will
be the icing on the cake as it will provide sensory input in their mouth.


7. Dim the lights

dim lights
In many cases, the child is sensitive to light, hence, turning off the lights or taking
them to a darker space can bring them a sense of calmness and control. Sometimes
the darkness is not a bad idea rather it acts as a way to betterment.

Every child has his/her own way of dealing with situations when they get
triggered. What might work for one will not necessarily work for the other. There
are chances of your child not being very comfortable while you carry out any of
these activities during tense times. So introduce these activities to them way before
actually putting them to use. This way they’ll develop a familiarity with them.
Bring in front their stronger side!

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