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Celebrating Unique Talent: Ability Trumps ‘Disability’

Celebrating Unique Talent: Ability Trumps ‘Disability’

All of us have remarkable talents that are unique, and there needs to be a day to celebrate such talent – not just for the world, but for ourselves. Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day is a day to embrace your special talent and flaunt it in front of your friends and family. It could involve writing, painting, dancing, singing and playing sports, to name a few.

Children have a lot to offer to the world. On a day like this, all children, especially the differently abled, should embrace their quirky abilities and show them off to everyone else.

Differently abled children are not just sources of inspiration for us at MBCN. They are also a highly motivating force for thousands of people in our country. They have the grit and will power to rise against all odds and achieve the unthinkable. Such children motivate us beyond what words can ever express.

Today, we would like to share success stories of some of our special students, which make us realise that disability after all is just a word; it can”t stop anyone from achieving their goals.


Kartik, a hearing impaired child with delayed speech yet an unwavering passion. He is a fighter who beat unimaginable disabilities with remarkable ease. Thanks to his hunger for success, today he is well versed in karate, jujutsu, kung fu and taekwondo. He is also a dancer and a sportsman. Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan is proud to have such students.


Arushi is an MBCN student with down syndrome. Life is all about overcoming obstacles, and kids like Arushi have been fighting them since childhood. She has been a class topper with excellent cooking and dancing skills – a prodigy who has grown by leaps and bounds with the help of her parents, teachers and friends. Here”s a glimpse of her fighting spirit.

Shrey Kadian

People often complain about their needs and trivial issues, but kids like Shrey Kadian prove that nothing is impossible – even for people with disabilities. Shrey, an MBCN student, is a superstar athlete with countless medals in softball, and a proud member of the Special Olympics Asia Pacific Athlete Input Council.

Gauri Kishore

Born with down syndrome, Gauri Kishore was sent to Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan to realise her talents. She not only got to explore her abilities, but was also able to overcome her limitations. Watch this beautiful dance performance by her at the #MBCN annual day.

Most of us take our lives for granted. Despite being physically fit, we keep complaining and making excuses. On the other hand, these kids prove that you don’t need to be physically fit and strong to succeed. All you need is willpower and determination.

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Indian Railways: On their way to being 100% differently-abled friendly

Indian Railways: On their way to being 100% differently-abled friendly

Celebrated physicist, the late Stephen Hawking once said, “People with disabilities are vulnerable because of the many barriers they face: attitudinal, physical, and financial. Addressing these barriers is within our reach”¦ But most important, addressing these barriers will unlock the potential of so many people with so much to contribute to the world.”


In a country that has the world”s second largest population, out of which about 80 million people are specially-abled, what is the average quality of life that the country provides to this section of the society?   India’s disabled are made further socially vulnerable by attitudinal barriers, and lack of quality education and women”s safety, as they continue to grapple with the challenges of access, acceptance, and inclusion.


As far as travel is concerned, our airports and metros are disabled-friendly, but what about the most mass-friendly means of transport for greater distances – the railways?


The present railway system is not equipped with enough facilities to support specially abled people. However, efforts are now being made to do the same. Indian railways is planning to introduce many facilities for differently-abled passengers at stations.


Here are some changes that are being planned:


  • Standard ramp for barrier free entry.
  • Earmarking at least two parking lots.
  • Non-slippery walkway from parking lot to building.
  • Signages of appropriate visibility.
  • At least one toilet (on the ground floor).
  • At least one drinking water tap suitable for use by persons with disabilities (divyangjan).
  • At least one ”˜May I Help You” booth.
  • Provision of facility for inter-platform transfer.
  • Engraving on edges of platform.


Apart from these changes (in the pipeline) to make train travel more convenient for the specially abled people of the country, Indian railways also provide a reservation quota. The reservation quota of two sleeper class berths is earmarked in all trains running on non-suburban sections for persons with disabilities performing their journey on a ”˜handicapped concession” ticket.


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Orthopedically handicapped or paraplegic people who cannot travel without an escort, blind persons traveling alone or with an escort for any purpose, and mentally challenged individuals who cannot travel without escorts can avail up to 75% concession in second class, sleeper, first class, 3AC and AC chair car, and 50% concession in 1AC and 2AC. 25% concession is also available for specially abled passengers in 3AC and AC chair car of Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains. Deaf and dumb persons travelling alone or with an escort can avail up to 50% concession in 2nd class, sleeper and 1st class. The person accompanying the handicapped person as escort is also allotted a berth out of this very quota. There are separate counters at each Passenger Reservation System (PRS) centre for such bookings. For more information on the amount of concession for different categories, one can visit the IRCTC website.

Despite Our Booming Economy, India’s Public Healthcare System Is Still Poor

Despite Our Booming Economy, India’s Public Healthcare System Is Still Poor

Over the past few decades, rapid economic growth has allowed millions of Indians to lift themselves out of poverty. For the extremely diverse population set, Indian healthcare system has its strengths, as well as its challenges. The lack of quality and affordable medical care has meant that millions continue to be deeply vulnerable to health shocks. Despite recording several gains in health in recent years, India continues to lag in several health indicators, such as mortality rates and malnutrition.   The system is fairly broken. Fewer doctors than what should be. Fewer clinics, hospital beds, and accredited facilities – In fact, far lower than what is required in India.   India also has an unusually high rate of illiteracy and poverty in both urban and rural areas, both of which contribute to low rates of health literacy.

Health is wealth. For any nation to progress it is necessary that proper health care facilities are made available for its citizens. No country ever achieved their universal health goals overnight. There are various ways to improve such systems.

  • Government should take measures to make regular health checkups affordable as well as accessible for the people. The basic purpose of health camps is to bring awareness amongst the deprived population of the country who have no access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from.These camps make sure people are getting the healthcare at the right time.
  • Literacy is also a contributing factor to improve the failing health in India. Improving literacy has many benefits and good healthcare is one of them. By educating we are indirectly improving healthcare problems like maternal mortality rate and educating rural health workers to assist in emergency times.
  • Healthcare should be made affordable for the poor which will further motivate them to get frequent checkups before their issues start deteriorating.

There is a dire need of a positive change in the healthcare industry in India. The time has come to begin the development of our medical facilities and services to help the country progress faster.

To ensure a healthy community, organisations like the Ponty Chadha Foundation actively organise free diagnostic health camps for village communities across India, for those at the bottom of the pyramid. With these camps held in villages and construction sites in Noida and Ghaziabad, PCF has touched the lives of thousands of people.

Your Biggest Baby Worries: Newborn Care Week 2018

Your Biggest Baby Worries: Newborn Care Week 2018

Coming into the world is a big and scary adventure for babies. Right after birth, they start communicating and giving little signals when they are tired, hungry or confused. It”s the job of a parent to comprehend these signs and make the world a welcoming place for their little ones.

Infants go through many changes in life to get used to the outside world after spending nine comfortable months in a protected womb! This adjustment almost always goes well, but there are certain warning signs you should watch out for.

When it comes to newborn development, what all should a parent be concerned about?

Seeing, Hearing and Communicating

Your child:

Isn”t responding to bright lights or can”t focus their eyes on something. Babies start to get attracted to shiny lights, primary colours, stripes, dots and patterns that really captivate their attention.

Isn”t watching your face or looking you in the eye. Since the human face is the first object they recognize, babies begin to remember particular faces and other objects during the first three months.

Isn”t hearing things – like startling sounds. Newborns can hear, and have been hearing noises from well before they were born. So, it can be worrying if they suddenly stop responding to it.

Behaviour and Movement

Your child:

  • Isn”t feeding well. Some warning signs related to feeding and digestion are harder to identify than behavioral changes or physical warning signs. The signs can range from having a poor appetite to sucking, spitting or vomiting problems.
  • Isn”t sleeping well. Healthy sleep is vital, especially in babies. Inadequate or low-quality naps will threaten healthy development and seriously hamper growth.
  • Isn”t moving their arms or legs. Infants in their first eight weeks have no control over their movements, they don”t know how to make each part of their body move voluntarily. They only start to work out how to lift their heads when lying on the tummy, and kick their legs by about eight weeks.

Children grow and develop at different speeds. If you”re worried that your child”s development isn”t ”˜normal”, it might help you to know that the definition of ”˜normal” varies a lot. However, if you still feel that something”s not right, see your family health doctor to be sure.

Newborn Care Week is celebrated every year in India from 15-21 November, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of newborn care for child survival and development. Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan actively participates in promoting infant health development and ensuring that children with special needs are taken care of professionally. Our hope is to better the state of infant and child mortality in India.

The Perfect Bhai Dooj Gift for Your Sibling

The Perfect Bhai Dooj Gift for Your Sibling

The legendary English novelist Jane Austen once said, “What strange creatures brothers are!”.

Brothers might surprise us with the most thoughtful present or shock us with the weirdest gift of all time, yet they hold a very special place in our hearts that can never be replaced.

Bhai Dooj is the day to celebrate brothers and sisters – partners in crime whose bond grows stronger with each fight, and there”s no better way to thank this permanent friend of ours than by giving them a gift as special as them. Bhai Dooj gives us all an opportunity to hunt for the ultimate gift that our siblings will cherish for life.

This festive season, going eco-friendly with your gifts is the best call. Thankfully, we have already made gift-shopping easy and less strenuous by making hand-crafted and meaningful gifts available just a click away on our website. Fashioned with love, all the items made in our Swayam training workshops are sure to win your siblings” heart.

Check out a few gifting options for every kind of sibling:

For the one with a sweet tooth:

Chocolate Box ”“ Set Of 5


Fill these chocolate boxes with the most exquisite truffle bites and turn them into perfect gifts for your foodie sibling.


For the ”˜perpetually broke” one:

Cash Box 2 ”“ Set Of 5


Is your sibling a college student frequently running out of cash, always wooing you to empty your wallet for them? Bail them out and become their favourite by giving them some much-needed allowance in this fancy, eye-catching cash envelope.


For the family wordsmith:

Small Diary (Gota) - Set of 15


If your sibling keeps a diary, or writes anecdotal tales, be an encouraging kin and show your support by gifting them these beautiful and useful diaries.

To look for more gifts, you can simply visit the Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan official website. All our products are hand-made by our special children, primarily from wood and other biodegradable raw materials, and are sure to light up your festivals.


My Prayer Box: Your Go-to Prayer Box, This Diwali

My Prayer Box: Your Go-to Prayer Box, This Diwali

Diwali, the most awaited festival of them all, has drenched the entire country in a festive mood. So, giddy up and get ready to add a pinch of enthusiasm to your otherwise monotonous life.

No matter where you look, it”s tough to not be surrounded by oodles of infectious laughter and joy during these days. Houses get a facelift, streets get lit up and markets get flooded with various housewarming gifts and puja items. Like all Indian festivals, Diwali is incomplete without typical festive shenanigans like shopping, exchanging gifts, decorating homes and most importantly, performing a handful holy rituals.

Pooja Samagri is one of the most crucial elements in festive rituals. Keeping that in mind, the specially abled children of Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan have handcrafted a beautiful Prayer Box that contains 23 pooja items. Using their abilities to show the world that they are worthy and useful, these talented students are proud to come up with the incredible ”˜My Prayer Box”. Made with intense care in tune with international quality standards, ”˜My Prayer Box” is your go-to pooja samagri box for the festive season. It is a huge hit in Indian households, and is a harbinger of blessings and peace.

This Diwali, these handmade wooden prayer boxes can prove to be the best housewarming gifts for your friends and family. Besides, you can get it for yourself as well – and have your own pooja box to keep your oil lamps, essence sticks and other pooja samagri safe. Take a look at what this box of happiness has to offer:

At the core of products like these is Swayam”s desire to give our specially abled children a shot at earning their own livelihood. By applying the skills they acquire through their hard work and dedication at Swayam, the vocational training workshop at MBCN, these students create products every day. It is success stories like these that motivate us to come up with such trainings. As the wise have said, “There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability”.

If you find it difficult to buy puja samagri despite your busy schedule, you can easily find this pooja samagri box on our website. Purchasing it will not only give you joy, it will also motivate these students to be self-sufficient and financially independent. Buy Now!