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Support Your Children Special Needs with Vaakya

Support Your Children Special Needs with Vaakya

Information flows from a developed to a developing region. Even today, there are many areas in our country, which are deprived of intelligent application of the technology like internet banking and mobile apps. There is scarcity of special schools and trained professionals in many parts of our country. We, “Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan” are dedicated to remove barriers and improve disabled children lives residing even in far flung areas with the help of a mobile app, ”˜Vaakya”. In a developing country, mobile device is the most effective medium to reach the unreached masses.

Our Centre for Research, Technology and Innovation presents this mobile based self-instructional tool highly useful for disabled children. Parents can guide the children with the help of this advanced app, easy in navigation and usability. Needs and emotions associated with food/drink, dressing & grooming, queries, recreation, travelling, can be communicated easily. Still much functionality is yet to be added to this app for making it more effective.

The unique features of the app are mentioned below ”“

  1. The app, available easily on mobile/online is a picture-based AAC (augmentative and alternate communication) app
  2. Leveraging app, the parents can check the growth level of their kids in different domains and then suggest them the best practising methods. It is indispensable to find out the delays in development.
  3. The app will help the child in 7 domains ”“ Motor, Cognitive, Social/Domestic, Self-help Skill, Language, Reading and Writing

An educator, therapist, guardian can create multiple user accounts. In coming time, the app will be added with much more functionality like advanced senors and discussion forum.

Download the APPgoo.gl/EPXNRi

MBCN Celebrates Its 19th Annual Day

MBCN Celebrates Its 19th Annual Day

A special day at a special school with super-special students, the MBCN Annual Day 2018 was indeed an eventful day. With over 330 students participating, it was a matter of utter joy and pride to us to have pulled off the event on such a grand scale. Leaving our books aside, we made sure it was a fun-filled day all along.
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 1

The 19th Annual Day of MBCN was held on 16th February 2018 in full grandeur. The Guest of Honour for the day was Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Pandey, Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Chairperson of National Trust. As the day started off, we welcomed the guests with heartwarming gifts crafted by our students. This was followed by the lamp lighting ceremony and a speech delivered by Dr. Pandey. In a moment of sheer delight to us, the honourable chief guest expressed how unique and one-of-a-kind he found MBCN to be. Amidst the beginnings, the most heartening moment was when our students made the Indian National Anthem their own and acted it out in Sign Language.

The stage was then taken by Manpreet Singh Chadha, Managing Director of The WAVE Group. Addressing our way forward, Mr. Chadha introduced our upcoming undertaking of the Centre for Research, Innovation & Technology for Disability, our sign language programme targeted to parents of the hearing impaired and so on. Speaking of the year 2017, he shared his joy at the massive success of our campaign, Connecting Signs. He also mentioned the accolades MBCN has received of late, including its high ranks by Education World – first in NOIDA, fourth in Delhi/NCR and sixth in India in the Special Needs category.
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 2

It was followed by a speech by our Director at MBCN, Dr. Vandana Sharma. Reminiscing the journey that 2017 was, she spoke heartily of the milestones we achieved through the course of the year. Beginning with our new venture in K9 therapy, the launch of the Vaakya app & Swayam, the handicraft wing of MBCN, to our groundbreaking Indian Sign Language campaign Connecting Signs – her words were the articulation of what a remarkable year we have had.

What came next was a wonderful joyride of fun and entertainment. Themed on the idea of ”˜TeleHungama”, the performances by our talented students were a treat to the eyes. Keeping TV channels in the genres of health, news and regionality as inspiration, our little stars really owned the show with their engaging acts. A short break ensued with the award distribution segment. Be it students, teachers, parents or volunteers, it was a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise the efforts, contributions & achievements that make MBCN what it is. The awards were distributed by our chief guest Dr. Pandey with the widest smile on his face.
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 3

After the awards ceremony, it was again time for us to get back to the fun of ”˜TeleHungama”. From the enactment of top-rated programmes like KBC to blockbusters like Baahubali, adored cartoon shows like Chhota Bheem, Doraemon & Noddy to displaying their own rendition of popular TV commercials – it was spectacular, to say the least! In addition to this, the students also performed their own version of a talent show consisting of stellar performances. Whether it”s that phenomenal teacher-student dance jugalbandi, the extravagant puppet dance, the wonderful cultural dance numbers or the entertaining play-acting, our students and spectators had a blast throughout the day!
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 4
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 5
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 6
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 7
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 8
MBCN Anuual Day 2018 9
Annual Day 10

The event, concluded with a grand finale, has helped us reach an all-time high of delight. An occasion marked by splendour at every step, the 19th MBCN Annual Day is a new milestone that we”ll cherish forever.
Annual Day 11

Let there be light this International Book Giving Day

Let there be light this International Book Giving Day

“You cannot open a book without learning something.” ”“ Confucius

Eating, shopping, exercising and what not, times have changed the ways we do most of our daily activities. The role of books in our lives remains undiminished, nevertheless. A trustworthy guide and a fun companion, books can play a myriad of parts in an individual”s life. Besides building minds, they are the shapers of the society.

In order to make sure that no child is deprived of the nourishment of reading, 14th February is celebrated worldwide as the International Book Giving Day. The aim was to have the written word reach out to even those who are not fortunate enough to access them. A symbolic day, it”s a great occasion to promote the necessity of books in one”s life.

Although it”s celebrated just one day, the season of books lasts all year long. With the right amount of push and encouragement, the healthy habit of reading can be garnered in a child. Most of us consider textbooks as the only books apt for children. The fact, however, is that the more one reads, the more one learns and grows.

When it comes to inculcating the enthusiasm for books in children, some of us get bogged down by their fleeting attention spans. The code is to not force a book on a child. From what theory and practice have taught us, children learn faster when they are constantly exposed to something. The idea is to raise children in a space surrounded by books. Plus, the more they see their parents or grown ups read, the more their intrigue will be piqued. The key, therefore, is to lead by example and steady exposure to books.

Another important aspect of the day lies in advocating the access to books. In our country, a child who has never got to lay his/her hands on a book isn”t a rarity. The spirit of International Book Giving Day is incomplete without attempting to make books universal. Therefore, let”s participate in this grand cause with full enthusiasm and make someone”s life rich with books and learning.