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The smiling faces say it all! Children’s Day celebrations at MBCN

The smiling faces say it all! Children’s Day celebrations at MBCN

November 14th of each year at MBCN has always been a wonderful reminder of how precious the innocence of our children is. If there is one thing that can conquer hearts the world over, it is the pure love exhibited by a child. Children today are the beacons of light and hope, and Children’s Day is an opportunity for us to help these little souls grow, learn and prosper.

2017 has been no different in spirit, yet it has been different when measured in how far we have come as an institution that strives to combat the social taboos around disability. We have grown immensely in inculcating our children with skills, that can help them live normal lives, along with their peers. We have also equipped our children with bundles of confidence, self love, and ambition, which will truly shape their lives for the better, in the years to come.

Children’s Day celebrations at MBCN not only celebrated the importance of these wonderful and highly talented children, but was also a way for us to celebrate the success we have had in our social endeavour.

From mime acting that showcased the importance of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, and exhilarating dance and song performances, to skits and games, the MBCN students, as well as the teachers participated in all the fun activities.

The mime performances truly stood out in how well they were executed. The students expressed the importance of clean classrooms, clean school surroundings, and also exhibited the importance of careful driving on the road. All this and more made the day extremely exciting and spirited for the parents and teachers, whose faces were full of pride.

Below are some pictures, that will provide a sneak peek into the day’s events and activities.

Our Children Light The Way To A Hopeful Tomorrow

Our Children Light The Way To A Hopeful Tomorrow

Children are our most valuable resources, and if there is any hope left for the world to truly become a better place, then it is with these little bundles of joy. They remind us of love, kindness, compassion and innocence every step of the way. Children”s Day in India is celebrated with a lot of mirth and joy, and is a chance for us to encourage the little ones to grow into wonderful human beings, who can contribute to the society at large.

MBCN has always seen the bigger picture for kids with special abilities. These children have every right to receive education, seek greater opportunities, get involved in shaping the society and participate in activities, much like their peers. However, we still live in a world that can”t seem to rid itself of the stigma that revolves around disabilities. It is disheartening to see a lot of these kids, who get marginalised due to their physical and mental drawbacks, and have a harder time coping with others due to the stereotypes and inhibitions.

The eminent and highly experienced faculty & staff at MBCN strive each day to make the learning process easier, and to equip these special children with a bounty of knowledge, skills and talents that can help them break the set notions around disability.

A recent campaign, which had resounding success across the city of Noida, was #ConnectingSigns. From teaching people the Indian national anthem in sign language, to expressing special needs, our MBCN kids caused ripples of change through the robust campaign, which we hope and pray would have an everlasting impact on our community in the years to come.

Whether it”s kindness or the beauty in curiosity, children with special abilities can teach us the importance of empathy and humanity. This Children”s Day, take a few minutes and spend it with a child who has special needs, and be sure to walk away with receiving more than you could have ever given!