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MBCN spreads sparkles of love, hope & joy this Diwali

MBCN spreads sparkles of love, hope & joy this Diwali

Diwali is one of the most auspicious and long-awaited festivals in India. As October starts, one can”t help but feel the power of positivity and happiness in the air. People all over the country are filled to the brim with excitement, and eagerly wait to celebrate this special day with their loved ones. From sweets and fairy light decorations around the house to the colorful rangoli designs and gleaming diyas, Diwali is not just a festival, but also an occasion for us to reach out to each other and build connections that last a lifetime.

This year, Diwali meant a lot of colours, lights and love for the MBCN children with special needs. The faculty and kids initiated a special campaign called #DiwaliDilSe, which not only touched the hearts of the people present on campus, but also managed to influence the lives of those far beyond the premises, and across the world.

Beautiful Diwali decorations, created by the highly skilled and talented children, adorned the hallways in MBCN, along with the colourful rangoli patterns that truly looked spectacular. From unique-looking diyas with vibrant embellishments to heartfelt greeting cards, the kids at MBCN left no marker unturned or glitter unused to make this festival a meaningful and bright one! The best part about these decorations was that people across India and beyond could buy them online, and contribute to the overall MBCN vision.

The Diwali decorations were a sight to behold, and the kids had a gala time as they danced to the tunes of their favourite Bollywood songs, while indulging in some fun-filled festive activities.

Here is a video, which showcases the different smiling faces that lit up the MBCN campus on Diwali.

World Cerebral Palsy Day – One Step At A Time In The Right Direction

World Cerebral Palsy Day –  One Step At A Time In The Right Direction

In case you haven’t heard of the term before, cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder caused by a brain injury or malformation that occurs while the child”s brain is under development. Cerebral palsy, or what is commonly referred to as CP, affects body movement and muscle coordination. Treatment for cerebral palsy depends on the patient, and the degree to which it affects him or her. The earlier it gets detected, the better chances one has for improvement.

Each year, October 6th is recognised as World Cerebral Palsy Day. Apart from creating awareness, it is an opportunity for one to celebrate and express pride in the many milestones people with cerebral palsy have achieved, despite their limitations. In addition to this, it is an opportunity for communities across the world to create a strong voice for cerebral palsy patients, which in turn, motivates them to go out and change the world for the better.

As an initiative to create a support group, MBCN recently held a #CerebralPalsyDay interaction session with parents of those affected. It was an open forum where they shared their challenges and feelings. Busting certain myths around CP and addressing pivotal issues, was the crux of this session. The parents were extremely happy with this session, and requested for similar sessions in the future as well. Here are some pictures for you to see:

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Cerebral palsy is a condition that needs to be treated with utmost care and concern. There are 17 million people across the world who live with cerebral palsy, and 35 million are closely connected with either a child or an adult who suffers from this condition. While apathy is necessary, educating the masses and creating a bridge of open communication is just as important.

MBCN Kids: Making Noise Through Sign Language

MBCN Kids: Making Noise Through Sign Language

Communication of all kinds is necessary, and needs to be addressed on all levels. Over the last few weeks, MBCN has turned the wave for the deaf community by spreading awareness about the significance of sign language across Noida and beyond, through their Connecting Signs campaign (hyperlink to previous blog). The resounding success of this powerful initiative has broken certain taboos and apprehensions that exist even today.

Needless to say, sign language helps us bridge the gap between those who have the ability to hear and those who don’t. By using different hand gestures and signs, the MBCN kids with special needs have imparted a rare gift of knowledge to the community at large. Here’s how!

Connecting Signs started off with a poignant video showcasing the Indian national anthem in sign language, performed by the MBCN kids. The beautiful expressions brought the song to life for all, and created ripples of heartfelt emotions on a large scale. Currently, the video has crossed two million views on Facebook. Haven”t seen it till now? Watch it here:

Besides the deeply felt video, the children at MBCN took the bull by the horns and visited several renowned institutions, schools and corporates all over Noida, where they taught sign language to eager audiences. The various people who were a witness to this ongoing campaign were enthralled to gain such keen insights into the lives of those who cannot hear or speak.

From well-known banks such as ICICI, Yes Bank and HDFC, to Domino’s Pizza, Jaypee Hospital, Wave corporate office & mall, Oracle, Genesis Global School, police station and fire station – the MBCN kids left no stone unturned in educating the masses on emergency signs, medical help and self introduction in sign language. You can catch the different videos here:

How would you get to know if a deaf person needs a glass of water? Or if he/she needs medical help? Connecting Signs has not just showcased sign language as a necessary skill for all, but has also raised the awareness bar to a completely different level. It has not just opened our eyes to a whole new world, but has also made us realise that the deaf and dumb need to be included in every way, as they too have immense talent and capabilities, that can make an immense difference to the small world we live in.

Connecting Signs has been a success for MBCN in every way possible, and has gone to great lengths to ensure quality life for people with hearing and speech impairment. But more than being a successful campaign, it has been a step in the right direction for our society as a whole. Connecting Signs has facilitated a wider channel of communication, which creates better understanding and acceptance of those who need our help and care.