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5 fun ways to get your kids in action during the summer holidays!

5 fun ways to get your kids in action during the summer holidays!

Summer is that time of the year that every kid looks forward to. It’s the perfect time to plan activities that cannot be undertaken with regular school chores. Even for parents, summers are a great opportunity to strengthen the bond with their kids by spending more time with them. Here’s a look at 5 activities that can catapult your kids into action:

Gardening: Gardening is essentially a way of connecting with nature and one of its biggest benefits is that it enhances your child’s immune system. Besides, gardening is fun, both for adults and kids. There are so many gardening projects for kids over the internet that are sure to excite the young ones, like an inexpensive terrarium or a hanging planter with plastic bottles.

Camping: Camping offers kids a joy like nothing else. Take your kids for camping, where you can teach them how to set up a tent, light a bonfire, scout and much more. After exhausting the energy, you can relax in the best possible environment i.e. amidst nature.

Cooking: Another great activity to bring out your kid’s creative side is cooking. Kids love taking a swing at cooking every once in awhile and the joy of doing something with your kids is unparalleled. So go ahead, start with a sandwich and end with a delicious delicacy.

Theatre: Theatre has rapidly gained popularity as an extracurricular activity for kids. Much of its popularity is credited to its benefits, as theatre helps foster a sense of confidence and boosts creativity. There are several institutions that organise special activities for kids in the summers, such as mycity4kids, where you can find a plethora of activities for kids including theatre.

Treasure Hunt: The excitement of finding something unexpected is a sweet feeling. Plan an adventurous treasure hunt and encourage your kids to partake in it. Use the entire house to extend the excitement and fun. Your kids can also invite their friends to partake in the activity to make them even more exciting.

With a plethora of options available to have fun, you should definitely encourage your kids to explore the opportunities. Such activities are great for enhancing the skills of your kids such as communication, teamwork and creativity, to name a few.

Yoga- Restore. Rebalance. Rejuvenate

Yoga- Restore. Rebalance. Rejuvenate

International Yoga Day is just around the corner, and the enthusiasm around the globe is already visible. The fact that 72 students and teachers from the City Montessori School of Lucknow will be performing exercises at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on the occasion speaks volumes about the popularity of Yoga in the modern day world.

Our lifestyle is such where humans struggle with physical and physiological stress in their lives. This is where yoga comes as a rescue and alleviates stress, both physical and mental. Based on the holistic principles of harmony and unification within body and nature, Yoga’s simple postures leave a powerful impact. Yoga is not only a great solution to stay fit, but has also emerged as an alternative form of therapy. Solutions of many chronic ailments like asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis have been found in Yoga.

The great thing about yoga is that there are very few limitations. While colorful yoga pants, support blocks, and fancy mats are nice, you don’t necessarily need any of that to get started. Instead, a basic yoga routine which comprises of beginner poses will help your body and mood change for the better in no time.

There are a lot of health benefits one can expect from yoga. Some of those are:

1) Better Flexibility: Yoga helps in loosening the body, and in increasing flexibility.

2) Better Posture: Bad posture has been linked to backaches, neck pain, joint problems, and muscle fatigue. Yoga is one of the best ways to fix poor posture as each pose helps lengthen the spine, and gives a steady, balanced posture.

3) Increases Strength: Yoga naturally helps in strengthening the muscles & joints, and prevents injuries.

4) Better Sleep: A good way to relax the nervous system, yoga minimizes stress and improves the quality of sleep.

5) Boosts Metabolism & Immunity: Yoga naturally boosts the metabolism which assists in weight loss. Yoga also stimulates the four main physiological systems; circulatory, digestive, nervous and endocrine, which is directly connected to the immune system.

7 Fun Activities To Do With Your Dad This Father’s Day!

7 Fun Activities To Do With Your Dad This Father’s Day!

Not all heroes wear capes…they are called DADS.
As the Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate just how awesome dads are. They like having fun with us, spoil us and their love for us is unconditional. Being a father is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs.

This Father’s Day, let’s turn the tables around. Instead of gifting your dad a personalized photo mug, a T-shirt or other endless supplies of gifts, celebrate this special day with some of these awesome activities we have jotted down for you.

● Take dad out and surprise him with a hobby-treat
Dads and parents in general get so engrossed in their children’s world that they often forget to have fun with themselves. Father’s Day is the perfect day to let your dad know that you appreciate how much his hobbies mean to him. Go for a sketching/painting class or fishing by the countryside to surprise him.

● Organize old photos sharing a special memory
Every photo has a story behind. It’s like a trip down the memory lane. If you are a craft lover, you can even make a simple photo book with your favourite memories with the best captions under each one of them. Gift your dad such cute handmade book this year.

● Take him out for his favourite sport
Ticket to his favourite sport is pretty much always a winning idea. He is surely going to enjoy the his time there. Also, it will be an amazing outing for him and a positive distraction from the daily office work.

● A car ride to his favourite destination
Plan a trip to his favourite destination. This will not only make him feel special but also it will break the daily monotony. Also, if you live in the plains, it is always a great idea to go to the hills and save yourself from the scorching heat this June.

● Volunteer to help someone else
Volunteering together is a great activity for Father’s Day. It gives you a chance to give back to the community and to spend time together. You can also get your relatives on board and spend the day serving meals or, spend time at the local animal shelter looking after them.

● Cook for him
Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, it is best you make something for him with your own hands. This will make him feel special in a different way. For example: you can bake him a cake and top it off with his favourite icing layer.

This Father’s Day, gift your dad the gift of time, the one thing in this world that is absolutely finite and cannot be bought or sold. Spend some quality time with him, create memories and make this day worthwhile.

Safe Summer for Kids

Safe Summer for Kids

Heat strokes, sun burns, skin rashes, diarrhoea, and food poisoning are some of the most common ailments that exasperate kids and adults alike in the summer season. To ensure a safe and healthy summer for children, it is essential to boost immunity and take some preventive measures that help safeguard against these diseases.

In summers, our bodies release excessive heat, thus speeding up and burning more enzymes. This results in rapid depletion of energy that the muscles use for fuel. Hence, it is essential to make children drink plenty of fluids and keep them adequately hydrated in order to maintain the internal cooling mechanism of the body.

Health tips for kids to beat the heat this summer and build immunity

● Avoid outdoor activities during peak sun hours.
● Use sunscreen with a higher SPF to prevent skin damage.
● Avoid street food or water from outside.
● Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables.
● Wear light-colored, loose clothing instead of dark colors.
● Increase water or liquid intake so as to prevent dehydration.
● Ensure a good sleep schedule for at least 8-10 hours a day.
● Keep your surroundings clean.

Home Remedies to Boost Immunity

There are many healthy ingredients in your kitchen that can help build the immunity of your child. Here are a few easy and quick remedies that you can include in your child’s daily diet.

1. Give one teaspoon ginger juice mixed with honey.
2. Offer fruits rich in Vitamin C, such as lemon, oranges, gooseberry or amla
3. Include curd or yogurt in your child’s daily diet during summers
4. Add garlic to everyday cooking

Inculcating these simple healthy habits in your child’s routine can save them from many common diseases. Make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle too, as children imbibe most of their habits from home.

Happy Summers!

MBCN’s contribution to making an Eco-friendly Environment

MBCN’s contribution to making an Eco-friendly Environment

The world is evolving and so are pollution, disasters and diseases. With this rapid change, it is imperative to preserve the Earth and living things on it. The issues related to Mother Nature have grown to such an extent that we humans have now started to realize the importance of going eco-friendly.

Building on the thought, Mata Bhagwati Chadha Niketan, a part of The Ponty Chadha Foundation has come up with a solution and contribute towards making an eco-friendly society.


Following the concept of eco-friendliness, special students at MBCN work with full vigour and enthusiasm towards making products that are usable in our daily lives and at the same time are comparable to high end consumer products displayed in premium showrooms.

Eco-friendly Environment

The products, also available for sale on the MBCN website, range from stationery items like pen stands, photo frames and small notebooks, to gift items like jewellery boxes, wall hangings, chocolate boxes, etc. The children work in sheltered workshops and are taught the skills and art required to make these products.

Preference for Eco-Friendly products helps create a sustainable environment for us. Designing and manufacturing products keeping the environment in mind is always a good idea for saving our surroundings.

MBCN’s contribution to making an Eco-friendly Environment

There is an impact on the environment for every small thing we do in our daily life, and opting for eco-friendly products will contribute to saving our environment and making it sustainable. The product made by our special children are beneficial economically, socially and environmentally. These products are environmentally safe from its production, right through disposal.

Children at MBCN are doing their bit to conserve the environment. What about you?
We would love to read about your ideas for environment contribution!

And yes, do not forget to shop for our specially designed eco-friendly products, available here: https://www.mbcnschool.org/shop-online/