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Festivals at MBCN – Strengthening Bonds of Love and Togetherness

Festivals at MBCN – Strengthening Bonds of Love and Togetherness

Our country, India is a land of festivals that are woven around its roots, culture and relationships. As Indians, wherever we go, we forge relationships with people and hold celebrations together. It is said that families that pray and eat together, stay together. The same holds true for our friends at school, colleagues at workplace or neighbours in immediate surroundings.

Every relationship we make holds the essence of festivities. Each occasion that we come across, is a way to bring families together. Recent such occasions have been Rakshabandhan and Janmashtami.

Bound With the Rakshabandhan
Rakshabandhan cherishes the brother-sister relationship. Like everywhere across our nation, it is celebrated with great fervour at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), our charitable school for children with special needs. It is a loving shelter that goes beyond the blood relations.

Here, we make Rakhi brothers who are always ready to share joys and sorrows, dreams and disappointments, happiness and distress of their Rakhi sisters. We appreciate the bond of affection between people in the true sense to cherish the real spirit of universal brotherhood that we conform to.

Exchanging Gifts to Mark Sweetness in Relationships
This year again, the occasion came when young kids gathered to celebrate the feeling of togetherness on Rakshabandhan. Like every year, girls put vermilion on the forehead of their fellow brothers and tied Rakhi on their wrists. Thereafter, gifts, sweets and chocolates were exchanged to mark the sweetness of the relationship they share. A unique thing about this place is that all the brothers and sisters studying here are special in their own way. They learn, love and express themselves differently.

Playfulness of Janmashtami
After, Rakshabandhan, arrived Janmashtami when the special children again reached school in colourful Krishna-Radha outfits to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. They donned vibrant smiles as they imbibed and enacted their mythological roles complemented by their costumes. Altogether, they enthralled the special educators, rehabilitation therapists and support staff at MBCN while engaging them into fun through games, music and dance.

Krishna Arrives to Free and Lead Us
These kids remind us that these festivals form an integral part of our culture. They offer a refreshing change from the chaos of daily life and take us closer to God. By observing them, we move forward with a belief that the darkness around us starts receding when God appears. Our hearts and minds are shrouded in darkness afflicted by multiple miseries and anxieties. Thus, we look towards the almighty to appear within us and fill us with eternal hope in the darkest hour.

Top 10 MBCN Sports Achievers of the Year 2015-16

Top 10 MBCN Sports Achievers of the Year 2015-16

Playing sports is a key part of our school experience and it can have an immense impact on every student”s life. Participation in sports may bring benefits like promoting socialisation, developing leadership skills, focus as well as physical fitness. It teaches us discipline, grit and teamwork, the lessons that are imbibed by us for a lifetime.

We must understand that students with any kind of disability are the same like their peers who do not have any such limitations and therefore, get the benefits alike from participation in sports. But, most of the times, they are denied any such chances to participate and gain respectability out of it. Though, the coach”s job is to pick up the best team in school, people with disabilities should be judged on their individual capabilities. Here”s a very interesting excerpt from TEDxTalk held in May, 2016 where, Madhavi Latha, National Paralympic swimming champion speaks about the importance of sports among the disabled.

Madhavi and sports, two never meeting worlds, this is pre-2007 and Madhavi and sports, two inseparable entities, this is post 2007. “My victory in swimming completely changed my perspective on life. Earlier I thought I could use only my intelligence. Now I am confident that I can achieve anything in a different way.” – Madhavi Latha, the 80 percent disabled National Paralympic swimming champion on importance of sports among the disabled.

She is an associate Vice President, Scope International as well as an activist spearheading the cause of sports for the differently-abled people. She founded the ‘YES WE TOO CAN’ movement and stands President of the Wheelchair Basketball Federation, India. She draws from a personal experience with Hydrotherapy to urge the society to offer a level playing ground to the differently-abled people in sports.

We believe that they should not be left out because of prejudices or stereotypes existing against them. Schools do not need to change the rules of a game or offer a competitive advantage to students with different abilities. They are just required to go for reasonable modifications like using a laser rather than a starter pistol to begin a race so that a hard-of-hearing runner can compete. Such modifications ensure that they also get an equal opportunity like everybody else.

Moving forward with this belief, our charitable school for special children, Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN) also encourages its students for the same. It teaches them to practice hard and always stay on the forefront when it comes to taking part in opportunities thrown by life. Students took to this lesson religiously and since then, have always excelled in the field of sports. All these MBCN sports achievers have received laurels at the sports events organised by NCC camps and Special Olympics Bharat.

Take a look at their achievements in the past one year to feel how they have responded to this teaching.

”¢ Arushi Sharma ”“ She did her school proud by winning a gold medal at basket ball national tournament held in Gujarat in March 2015. She carried forward her winning streak by whisking away another gold at the Delhi state competition of badminton held in May of the same year. As if two were not enough, she made a hat trick by winning a third gold at national level championship of Floor Hockey in Solan, Himachal Pradesh during December.
”¢ Shashank Shekhar ”“ Another star-in-the-making was a boy who clinched a silver medal at the Delhi state tournament in carom organised by Very Special Art in April 2015.
”¢ Akshat ”“ He came, he took part and he swept a gold medal at the Delhi state tournament of Table Tennis in May 2015.
”¢ Shrey Kadian ”“ The boy heightened our enthusiasm with his determination and perseverance. He went all the way to World Games held in Los Angeles to get a gold in softball as the event went on in 2015 from June to August.
”¢ Deepanshu Nath ”“ He participated in the State competition of Skating to fetch a gold medal same year in September.
”¢ Swechchha Nanda ”“ When the national championship of Floor Hockey was organised in Solan, Himachal Pradesh this year in December, this girl was able to manage nothing lesser than gold.
”¢ Akshay Bora ”“ The year 2016 started on a winning note when he brought two shining golds home in snowboarding at National Snow Games held in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh during March.
”¢ Anuj ”“ He was star of the show at Delhi State Games as he grabbed a gold in table tennis in April 2016. At the Delhi State Games tournament, he proved his mettle in basketball again during July while receiving a gold. His love for basketball was evident when he got a gold in August at national games in Chennai.
”¢ Sahil ”“ It was another proud moment for MBCN as he took a gold in table tennis at Delhi State Games in April. He proved himself again at Delhi State Games of badminton to bring a gold the same year in May.
”¢ Rohit Raina ”“ At the State Games in Softball, this boy rose high to take away gold in August 2016.

Celebrating the spirit of patriotism and freedom…

Celebrating the spirit of patriotism and freedom…

Freedom is the oxygen for the soul”¦ You need no other reason to celebrate its essence!

As our nation grows and prospers, faces challenges dynamically and holds on to its cultural roots to build a strong future; we believe all this is possible because today we stand free. Free and independent from the foreign forces, from the inner demons and malices.

Every year, 15th August serves as a reminiscent of the good and bad memories, happy and sad events, success and failures of a tremendously diverse nation- INDIA. As India celebrates its 70th year of independence, we thank all our inspiring leaders who have helped in defining the India, world respects today.

As events and celebrations in honour of this day are organised all over India and amongst our Indian communities abroad, at Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan, the sight was no less. Tricolours everywhere, happy faces and invigorating ambience is how one can define the Independence Day celebrations at MBCN. As the day started, children and staff at MBCN started pouring at MBCN and unlike any other day, one could see people wearing ethnic clothes- kurta, saree, tricolour dupatta, saffron t-shirt etc. and carry paper flags in their hands. What a patriotic start!

But, as the day unfolded, there was more in store”¦

Flag hoisting
Unfurling the national flag and singing of the national anthem is done by many. But, wherever you go and experience it, this is always special. At MBCN, our students, staff and team together hoisted the tricolour and remembered the martyrs, the founders and builders of the free country!

Face painting activity
Children showcased their creative side and painted each other”s face with tricolour. Their love for the national flag was reflecting in this gesture.

Cultural performances
Lovely costumes and performances that could easily fill your hearts with the spirit of patriotism. Cheering the national slogans out loud with shine in the eyes to make this nation proud one day, summarises this experience.

Kite flying
May our hearts be free and minds soar high to bring a positive change in our developing society”¦
This message was clearly felt and the true happiness of freedom was experienced as everybody enjoyed the kite flying activity.

Undoubtedly, these activities and annual celebrations do remind you of the love and respect you hold for the nation, deep in your heart. You know this is your identity, you are Indian and that defines you once you step out.

No nation is perfect, but striving for perfection is an ongoing process, which is definitely a positive sign. Let”s promise ourselves that we will do our bit in preserving our freedom.