Our admission process includes assessment of the child with special needs in order to understand his/her appropriateness for placement in the school. We believe that every child is unique in his/her way and has to be seen in rightful perspective in consideration to his/her education or treatment. Hence, we have set a scientific mechanism to evaluate the physical and mental capabilities of each child that has come to MBCN for guidance, education and nurturing. It helps us in analyzing and deciding the apt course of action and treatment for the child.

There is an interdisciplinary team of members, which are part of our assessment committee, and are responsible for assessing the child on the basis of set standards prior to his/her admission in the school. The standards of assessment are based on following factors:-

  • IQ level of the child
  • Present level of performance of the child
  • Child’s learning ability and effective sensory channel that helps him/her learn
  • Behavioral problems of the child
  • Effective reinforcement system
  • Functional level of communication / Language
  • Physical challenges

After assessing the child on factors mentioned above, the committee decides his/her course of treatment and education. After admission, it helps our teachers to take the reins of his/her therapeutic and recreational education and give their best in his/her overall development.